Gateway Park Project


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Field Operations has been brought on as a contracted firm to complete the Park Master Plan and Design Guidelines. The process is scheduled to begin in early 2024.

Gateway Park

About the Project

Gateway Park is located in the heart of Rosslyn. Whether it is through programming in the park, using the dog park, or riding through the space on the way to the Mount Vernon Trail, Gateway Park is used in a variety of ways. The project Park Master Plan and Design Guidelines will identify the conceptual design and timeline for the redesign of the park. The engagement process will dictate the details of the scope of the project.

Project Goals:

  • Develop an existing conditions report in accordance with the Park Master Plan
  • Engage with the public to develop conceptual designs for the future of the park
  • Collaborate with the Rosslyn BID to incorporate input into the park's design
  • Create better pedestrian connectivity between Rosslyn and Gateway Park
  • Provide formal recommendations and design guidelines for Gateway Park
  • Provide the community with a state of the art, high-quality park

Project Background

The Realize Rosslyn Sector Plan, adopted in 2015, calls for a Park Master Plan and Design Guidelines to redesign the park.



About the Process

Click the drop downs below to explore the details and resources throughout the project process. A graphic timeline of the process can be found here

Spring 2024 - Feedback on Existing Conditions and Use

Level of Engagement: Involve

Join us for an open house on Thursday, April 11 at H-B Woodlawn Secondary School from 6:30-8:30 p.m. to kick off the community engagement process for this project. RSVP HERE.

In addition to our planned in person and online engagements, County staff will conduct unannounced, pop-up events around Rosslyn. If you see us around, come give us your thoughts on the future of Gateway Park!




Summer 2024 - Feedback on Draft Concepts

Level of Engagement: Involve

The project team will provide draft concept designs based off of feedback from the first engagement. Community members will be encouraged to share their feedback. 

Summer/Fall 2024 - Final Draft Design Feedback

Level of Engagement: Consult

The project team will share the final draft design for final comments from the community. 

Winter 2024/25 - County Board Action

Level of Engagement- Communicate

The County Board will consider the construction bid for approval. 

2025 (Projected) - Design Begins

Level of Engagement - Communicate

2026 (Projected) - Construction Begins

Level of Engagement- Communicate



Capital Improvement Plan