Douglas Park Renovation Phase 1


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In Design


About the Project

The Douglas Park Renovation Phase 1 project include the replacement of the round picnic shelter closest to S. Randolph Street, the wooden pedestrian bridge crossing the stream, site furnishings, trail and stormwater management improvements, invasive management in the forested area, as well as additional plantings.

Project Goals:

  • Replace picnic shelter
  • Replace pedestrian bridge
  • Add site furnishings
  • Trail & stormwater improvements
  • Remove invasive plants
  • Add native plants


About the Process

Click the drop downs below to explore the details and resources throughout the project process. A graphic timeline of the process can be found here(JPG, 270KB).

Summer/Fall 2024 - Concept Design Feedback

Level of Engagement: Involve

First community engagement - online questionnaire, civic association meeting.

Winter 2024/2025 - Final Design Concept

Level of Engagement: Communicate

Online survey.

TBD - County Board Action

Level of Engagement- Communicate

TBD - Construction Begins

Level of Engagement- Communicate


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