Bluemont Park Bridges Replacement Project


329 N Manchester St, Arlington, VA   View Map


In Design


Start Date (Design): 4th Quarter 2022

End Date (Design): 4th Quarter 2023

Start Date (Construction): 2nd Quarter 2024

End Date (Construction): 3rd Quarter 2024

About the Project

Design and construct the repair and/or replacement of the existing low-water ford, pedestrian bridge and culvert bridge structure at Bluemont Park near the playground, picnic shelter and restroom building. These structures have been identified for repair/replacement by a bridge inspection study. This project is part of the Trail and Bridge Modernization Program detailed in the FY 2023 - FY2032 Capital Improvement Plan. A goal for the project is to make the pedestrian bridge compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. No additional amenities are planned for this project.

About the Process

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Trail and Bridge Modernization Program

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