Bell Street Interim Public Space Improvements


This is a former Right-of-Way and there is no address. The property is located to the north of the Crystal City Metro Station on South Bell Street,    View Map


In Design


Design Process Begins: 1st Quarter 2022

Design Process Ends: 2nd Quarter 2022

Construction Begins: 4th Quarter 2022

Construction Ends: 1st Quarter 2023

Location & Site Description: The project is located to the north of the Crystal City Metro Station on the west side of South Bell Street between South Bell Street and Route 1. The project is mainly located on unused ROW and there is no address.

The Bell Street project site was once a Route 1 off-ramp that was demolished by the County and is now a grassy area with young trees planted to replace the trees removed by the demolition project. The project area is a mix of County owned right-of-way and privately owned property.

About the Project

The purpose of the Bell Street Interim Public Space project is to provide temporary movable seating that visitors may use while enjoying this greenspace. The seating will include approximately 10 Adirondack chairs that will be placed adjacent to the existing sidewalk and further into the site, between the existing trees.

This project is temporary because the Bell Street site will be not accessible and impacted by two upcoming construction projects:

  • The 15th Street South/South Clark-Bell Street Realignment project will begin construction in September 2023 and finish in early 2025. Learn more.
  • Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) Route 1 Multimodal Improvements Study. VDOT expects to begin construction in 2025 and the entire site will be fenced off and impacted by construction. Learn more.

Given that the Bell Street improvements are temporary, this project aims to use site furnishings that may be re-used in other public spaces. There are no plans to replace the seating once the Bell Street multi-use trail and VDOT Route 1 improvements are complete.

The project supports the PSMP Action 1.10, which calls for enhancing public spaces with temporary uses and “pop-up” programming. The project does not conflict with the Crystal City Plan and supports the goal of adding additional public space opportunities.


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