South Scott Street and 12th Street South


Intersection at South Scott Street & 12th Street South in Columbia Heights, Arlington, VA 22204  View Map

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South Scott Street and 12th Street South Before

September, 2022 Update:  Construction for this project is nearing substantial completion.  It is anticipated that trees and concrete benches will be delivered to the site and installed sometime over the next 1-2 months.

July, 2022 Update:  Construction for this project will begin next month, and residents should anticipate seeing construction crews on site as they begin preparation and set-up week of August 8th. Questions about construction and schedule should be directed to the County Construction Manager assigned to this project – Jasneet Singh, at or by phone at 703-228-3661.

IMPORTANT NOTE – Construction will continue into the beginning of the school year, and elementary school walk-routes will detour around this intersection.  School bus drop off and pick up locations will also temporarily relocate while construction is ongoing.  Contact Arlington Public Schools Bus Transportation office if you have not received notice of your child’s bus stop location by the week before school start.

May, 2022 Update: Project design is complete and staff are making arrangements for construction to begin after the ‘21/’22 school year ends in June.  Construction start date and Construction Manager contact information will be posted here prior to the start of construction.

January 2022 Update: The design plans are at 90% completion, and the Final Design has been posted below.

May 2021 Update - This project was approved by the County Board on April 17, 2021. Design is ongoing.

About the Project

Pedestrian safety improvement project in the Columbia Heights Civic Association neighborhood. The project scope includes the installation of curb nubs with school bus stop waiting areas on the west side of South Scott Street and new crosswalks with ADA accessible ramps at the intersection. On-street parking will be maintained, with the loss of three to four parking spots adjacent to the new crosswalk area. This project may include some stormwater drainage and infrastructure improvements.

Plans and Documents