S Manchester St. & 2nd St. S


The dead end of 2nd St. S at S Manchester St. and the adjacent wooded area at this intersection. (Glencarlyn Neighborhood),    View Map

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In Design

Final Design

February 2022:  Funding for the project was approved by the County Board

About the Project

This beautification project proposes to provide improvements in the vicinity where 2nd St. S dead ends at S Manchester St. and the adjacent woodland area at the far end of APS’s Kenmore MS property.  The project will start with clean up the wooded area of invasive species and other debris.  Removal of a dilapidated fence along Manchester St. and replacing it with a 2’ stone wall.  Installing a new cobra streetlight at the dead end of 2nd St.  Create a “gateway” transition from Manchester St. to 2nd St. through sidewalk modification and the addition of a 2’ low stone wall and native planting area.  The project proposes the planting of new street trees on the east side of Manchester St. in the grass utility strip, as long as there are no underground utilities are impacted (to be verified).

Documents & Plans

Final Design Meeting - Teams Meeting Access Information and Link(PDF, 105KB)

Final Design Meeting Flyer(PDF, 276KB)

S Manchester and 2nd St Concept Design(PDF, 93KB)

S Manchester and 2nd St Concept Plan Diagram(PDF, 1MB)

Final Design Meeting Plan(PDF, 1MB)

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