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North Quebec St, 17th St N to 20th St N, Arlington, VA   View Map

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In Design

  • October 2023 Update: Concept Design Meeting held
  • March 2024 Update: County Board approved and funded

About the Project

This is a street improvement project along North Quebec Street to improve pedestrian safety and access from 17th Street North through 20th Street North. This will be achieved through the installation of a new, five-foot sidewalk and associated curb and gutter on the east side of North Quebec Street, and ADA accessible curb ramps at intersections. The roadway width will be 33 feet, with the exception of bump out segments that narrow the street to 27 feet to accommodate mature trees. On street parking will be maintained on both sides of the street except in the instances of these bump outs where parking will only occur on one side of the street. To further improve pedestrian safety, two new high-visibility crosswalks will be implemented from North Quebec Street crossing 17th St N into Oak Grove Park and at the intersection of 20th Street N, crossing N Quebec Street west towards St. Agnes Catholic Church. Both high-visibility crosswalks will be combined with new pedestrian crossing signage. Two standard crosswalks will be implemented at the 18th Rd N intersection, crossing 18th Road N, and at the 20th Street N intersection, crossing 20th Street N to fully connect all existing and new sidewalks, improving access. To highlight the two-way stop for vehicles, “cross traffic does not stop” signage will be added to both existing stop signs at the intersection of 20th Street N and N Quebec Street. The project will not include upgrades to stormwater infrastructure but may include other utility relocation and associated work.

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 North Quebec St Concept Design

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