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North Oakland Street from North Pershing Drive to Arlington Blvd/Route 50 (Ashton Heights Neighborhood), Arlington, VA 22203  View Map

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May, 2022: 

Hardscape construction has been completed, including final roadway paving and street trees have been installed by the County’s landscape contractor.

March 31, 2022 Update:

Final construction update: paving of the street is scheduled for Monday, April 4th, pending weather conditions.

Five new street trees are tentatively schedule to be planted toward the end of the week.

March 18, 2022 Update: 

Final paving of North Oakland Street is scheduled to start during the last week of March or the first week of April. This is a 2-step process which is typically completed in a 2 week time period, involving “milling and paving” - removal of the top 2 inches of driving-surface asphalt during the first week (Milling) and paving with new 2” of asphalt the second week (Paving). 

January 2022:

The roadway base layers were completed in December.  The project contract work for both the raingarden and the sidewalk by Sagres Construction has reached substantial completion.  Next up - A final, top layer of asphalt paving over the entire length of N Oakland St. between Pershing and Rt. 50 will be put down by the County’s paving crews in the spring once weather becomes warmer.  Street trees and other plantings will be done in the upcoming spring planting season.

November 23, 2021

Sagres Construction will place No Parking signs on N Oakland St between Tuesday to Friday (11/30 to 12/03) for street repaving work.  Once roadway asphalt work is finished, the contractor will install signage and pavement markings. Restoration work at private properties with tie-in for lead walks, fences and grass sod replacement is ongoing.

June, 2021:  Construction has begun on the sidewalk and rain garden projects.

For questions or concerns regarding construction, please reach out to the project’s Construction Manager:  Batz Baatarkhuyag, at (571) 497-1280 or by e-mail at Bbaatarkhuyag

April 2021: A Construction Contract has been approved and awarded for this project. Construction scheduling has not yet begun by the contractor or the County Construction Management team. A pre-construction meeting will be scheduled 1-2 weeks prior to the start of hardscape work.

March 2021: The County is reviewing contractor bids for award of the contract to build the sidewalk and street improvements on N Oakland St. Construction is anticipated to start in the summer.

November 2020: The Construction Drawing Set has been completed.  The project is being prepared for procurement of a construction contractor.

About the Project

  • A new 5’ wide concrete sidewalk will be constructed along the east side of the street
  • A utility (grass) strip will also be included as part of the project, located adjacent to the sidewalk.
  • The utility (grass) strip will vary in width, from two and a half feet to almost five feet. Where the width is at least four feet, opportunities may exist for street tree planting, to be determined later by the NC Program’s Landscape Architect.
  • Stormwater drainage improvements will be made including some bioretention areas at two locations within the project limits.
  • The street width will be narrowed to 28’-0” within most of the project limits, but on street parking will be maintained along both sides.
  • The narrowed roadway will maintain two travel lanes, one in each direction, but will be considered a yield street.
  • The NC street improvement project will be coordinated with a separate DES pedestrian improvement project along the North Pershing Drive Corridor at the North Oakland Street intersection.

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