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North Highland Street from Arlington Boulevard to 1st Road North (Lyon Park Neighborhood), Arlington, VA 22201  View Map

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June 2022:

Construction for this project is complete, including final roadway paving and planting of street trees.

May, 2022: 

Hardscape construction has been completed, including final roadway paving.  Street trees and other planting will be installed by the County’s landscape contractor in May.

March 18, 2022 Update:

Final paving of North Highland Street is scheduled to start week of March 28th. This is a 2-step process, involving “milling and paving” - which is the removal of the top 2 inches of driving-surface asphalt (Milling) and paving with new 2” of asphalt (Paving).  Milling will take place during the first week of 3/28 and paving the second week of 4/4.

Final repairs and other miscellaneous clean-up work of the project are continuing by the contractor, Sagres Construction. 

January 2022 Update:

January 6, 2022: the roadway base layers were completed in December.  Next up, final roadway paving of the finish/top asphalt layer.

November 23, 2021 Update:

Restoration work and tie-in for lead walks, fences and grass sod replacement is ongoing. Roadway paving has been pushed back until after the Thanksgiving holiday.  Construction of the new roadway will involve several steps:  excavation of the existing roadway, re-grading & adjusting manhole heights, base layer paving, followed by finish/top layer paving.

November 5, 2021 Update: 

Concrete work is nearing completion, with the remaining sections on the east side of the street getting poured and set during the first half of next week. Roadway asphalt patching and paving will begin as early as the latter half of next week, continuing into the following one. Restoration work at and in front of your properties will continue, including final regrading of existing yards, lead walks and driveways for smooth transitions from the new sidewalks and street curbs.

Thank you for your continued patience as the messier and more disruptive part of the project is completed in the next few weeks.

Reminders: Please direct your construction related questions and issues to your Construction Manager (CM), Jasneet Singh, not the construction crew working daily onsite. Ms Singh can be reached at  or  (703) 228-3661

October 14, 2021 Update:  Construction of the curb, gutter and sidewalk is continuing on the west (new sidewalk) side of the street. Toward the end of the week the contractors will start work on the east side of the street, beginning again at the 1st Road N end, progressing their way toward Rt. 50. As noted in the previous update, construction work will continue down the block in sections, starting with excavation, followed by putting formwork in place for the concrete, followed by pouring of concrete.

A few reminders:

  1. New driveway aprons will be inaccessible to vehicles for 3+ days after pouring
  2. If you anticipate going out of town for any length of time, please notify Construction Manager Jasneet Singh at .  This coordination will greatly assist both you and the construction crew  should work need to be done at your property and/or in the vicinity of your vehicle.

September/October 2021 Update:  The contractor will begin construction of the curb, gutter and sidewalk the week of 9/27.  They will start at the 1st Road N end of the street, progressing their way toward Rt. 50. You may see saw cutting and excavation of the asphalt street edge begin as early as tomorrow (Wednesday, 9/29).   The contractor will continue down the block in sections, starting with excavation, followed by putting formwork in place for the concrete, followed by pouring of concrete.

A few reminders:

  1. The construction will be messy and inconvenient, but it is temporary. We ask for and thank you for your patience.  County staff and contractors are working as efficiently as they can to make lasting improvements to your street and neighborhood.
  2. When you have questions, or problems arise:
  • For construction related questions and issues, contact the County Construction Manager (CM) Jasneet Singh at
  • Correction to Ms. Singh’s phone number – (703) 228-3661 (This was incorrectly listed on the Pre-Construction flyer)

It is important to contact Jasneet directly so she can address the problem right away.

  • For general questions about the project please email Laura Simpson at
  1. Please note locations of the temporary “No Parking” signs and move cars encroaching into the construction area by 7 am.

September, 2021:  Construction is beginning on this project.  Residents can expect to see surveying and other mobilization activities by the contractor in the coming weeks. For questions or concerns regarding construction, please reach out to the project’s County Construction Manager:  Jasneet Singh by e-mail at

June 2021:  Verizon is onsite to relocate their lines to the new utility poles. Once this is complete and the old utility poles have been removed, the sidewalk/street improvement construction can be done.  The start date is currently TBD and expected to be sometime later this summer, pending contractor availability and sequencing/completion of other construction projects currently underway.  A resident Pre-Construction meeting will be held onsite 1 to 2 weeks prior to when it begins.

May 7, 2021- Watermain upgrades are continuing throughout the month.  Verizon will be onsite afterward to relocate their lines to new utility poles

April 19, 2021 – Water, Sewer, Streets (WSS) has begun construction of their Highland St. watermain upgrade project. Construction is anticipated to continue through the end of May.

April 2021 - The Construction Contract has been approved and awarded for this project. Hardscape construction scheduling has not yet begun. Utilities update: Comcast has completed their work. Verizon should start soon.

March 2021 - Comcast is transferring their lines to new poles, to be completed mid-March. Verizon will transfer their lines to new poles next. The County is reviewing contractor bids for award of the contract to build the sidewalk and street improvements on N. Highland St. Construction is anticipated to begin in the summer.

February 2021 - Washington Gas has completed their work. Once Comcast has completed setting their schedule, they will mobilize a crew to begin transferring their cables

January 2021 -

  • Washington Gas is completing their work over the weeks 1/18/21 and 1/25/21.
  • Sequencing of the remaining utility work in advance of Highland St.’s NC Sidewalk project is: Comcast, followed by Verizon, then the County’s WSS watermain upgrade project.
  • It is anticipated that construction of the NC Sidewalk Project will begin in the summer.
  • The County Board has approved the award of the construction contract to Sagres Construction.

November 2020 - Washington Gas will be upgrading the gas main lines and services to residents on N. Highland St. Their work will extend from a few houses south of 1st St. N. to mid-block between 1st Rd. N. and 2nd St. N. This project will commence in early to mid-November and is anticipated to take 3 months to complete.

October 2020 -

  • Procurement of a construction contractor for this project is underway.
  • Relocation of utility poles was completed in October.

About the Project

  • West side of the street: 4′-0″ wide concrete sidewalk adjacent to a 2′-6″ to 3’-0” utility (grass) strip, curb & gutter, with ADA compliant pedestrian ramps.
  • East side of the street: new curb & gutter, ADA complaint curb ramp installed at the intersection with 1st St. N., tie in to existing sidewalk.
  • Driveway aprons within the project limits will be replaced.
  • Asphalt street reconstruction and pavement milling/paving.
  • The roadway will be narrowed to 28’, except in the area of a significant tree, where the road width will further reduce to 22’. A small portion of the street closer to Arlington Blvd. will widen slightly to 28’ and will maintain two travel lanes, one in each direction.
  • On-street parking will be retained on both sides, except where the road narrows adjacent to the large tree, and where prohibited for traffic engineering ordinance reasons.

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