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9th Street South from S Buchanan Street to the Washington & Old Dominion (W & O D) Trail (Barcroft Neighborhood)



The 9th Street S sidewalk, trail connector and streetlight project is complete!  Please see image gallery to the right for before and after photos.

May 2021- May 2021:  Construction for the new streetlight installation is underway.  Substantial completion is expected by June.

April 2021 - Construction is anticipated to start sometime this month. Surveyors will be onsite for a few days first, followed by construction crews working (on and off) for a few months to complete the installation of the new street lights.

March 2021 - The new street light installation will begin in the next few months once all fixtures and materials are received by the contractor. It is anticipated that this work will take 1-2 months to complete.

February 2021 - Procurement of contractors for the streetlight installation is underway. It is anticipated that this work will begin in the Spring.

October 2020 - County engineering staff are finalizing plans for the installation of new streetlights.

May 2020 - Construction of the sidewalk and trail connector has reached substantial completion.

The contractor (A&M Concrete) will be starting work at the site the week of October 21st.

A Pre-construction meeting will take place onsite with residents on Wednesday, October 2nd to discuss the upcoming construction, which begins in Fall 2019.

About the Project

  • Completion of missing concrete curb, gutter and sidewalk along the south side of the street.
  • New concrete sidewalk width will vary from 4’ to 5’, depending on where sidewalk narrowing is needed to protect the roots of adjacent mature, healthy trees.
  • Street width will be narrowed in some areas to 30’-0” from the existing 36’-0” where concrete curb and gutter exists on both sides of the street, to minimize impacts to adjacent mature, healthy trees.
  • On street parking will be retained on both sides, except where prohibited by the County’s traffic ordinance.
  • Minimal disturbance to the area within County DES, DPR and NVRPA land ownership.
  • County standard LED Carlyle-streetlights to be installed along 9th Street S.
  • Some existing invasive plant species removal with tree replacement and/or enhancement, as determined by County DPR and NC staff Landscape Architects and Foresters.
  • Signage and striping improvements at S Buchanan St, the 9th Street S dead end and at the W & O D Trail.
  • Stormwater drainage improvements will be made to existing facilities, especially at the trail connector from the dead end of 9th St S to the W&OD Trail.
  • Asphalt street milling and paving and full depth roadway reconstruction, as needed.

Documents and Plans