4th Street South


4th St. S, between S Kensington St. and S Illinois St., Arlington, VA 22204  View Map

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June 2022 Update – Construction for this project is complete, including final roadway paving and planting of street trees.

February 2022 Update – Construction of the full-depth asphalt work will begin next week, starting with the block between S Kensington St. & S Jefferson St. Partial roadway closures will occur, and access in & out of driveways will be impacted. The construction team (Construction Manager and/or contractor supervisor) will provide individual notification to houses with driveways that will lose access as they work and progress down the block. Please ask neighbors to notify the Construction Manager if they or another neighbor will be out of town.

Information about the full-depth asphalt work - roads are constructed in two parts:  a structural base (asphalt designed to provide strength and shape of the roadway), followed by a 2” finish/top layer (asphalt designed to have some flexibility as the finished, driving surface)

Next week the contractor will start with excavation of the existing roadway, followed by re-grading & adjusting manhole heights and then installation of the structural base layer.

January 2022 Update - The contractor is preparing for construction and will begin by setting up a construction staging area on the block of S Jefferson St. between 3rd  & 4th Streets.  On Monday, 1/10/22, there will be temporary “No Parking” signs posted on this block and residents will see contractor activity beginning next week.

For any questions or concerns regarding construction, please reach out to: Construction Manager - Jasneet K. Singh at 703-228-3661 or by e-mail at jsingh@arlingtonva.us

If you are unable to reach Ms. Singh, you may also contact your project’s volunteer Glencarlyn Civic Association Block Representative or the County’s Neighborhood Conservation Planner, Laura Simpson.

June 2021- Washington Gas is onsite conducting utility upgrades.  This work is anticipated to continue for 1-1/2 to 2 months, completing in August.  For more information on services scheduled, please contact:  John Tubergen, Washington Gas Rep at (571) 422-3042 or Jtubergen@washgas.com

May 2021- Washington Gas is onsite conducting utility upgrades.  For more information on services scheduled, please contact:  John Tubergen, Washington Gas Rep at (571) 422-3042 or Jtubergen@washgas.com

April 2021 - The Construction Contract has been approved and awarded for this project. Construction scheduling has not yet begun, but project work is anticipated to start in the summer following completion of the underground utilities. A pre-construction meeting will be scheduled 1-2 weeks prior to the start of hardscape work.

March 2021 - Expect to see construction crews mobilized and performing relocation work for Washington Gas starting this month. It is anticipated that Washington Gas’s work will take 1-2 months to complete.

Expect to see County construction contractors mobilized and performing watermain relocation work in the next few weeks. It is anticipated that this work will take 1 month to complete.

October 2020 - The Construction Drawing Set has been completed.  The project is being prepared for procurement of a construction contractor.

The Final Design Presentation Meeting for this project took place virtually on July 23, 2020. The presentation given at the meeting (Final Design Presentation) is available below, under Documents and Plans.

About the Project

Street improvement project that extends for 2 blocks in the Glencarlyn Civic Association neighborhood. The project scope includes the installation of a 4’ wide sidewalk adjacent to a 2’-4’ wide utility strip on the north side of the street, plus curb and gutter on both sides of the street. On-street parking will be maintained on both sides of the street, except where the roadway width narrows to 22’ in order to protect a large, mature tree on the south side of the street. This project also includes some storm water drainage and infrastructure improvements.

Documents and Plans