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20th Road North from North Utah Street to North Vermont Street (Waverly Hills Neighborhood)



June, 2021:  Construction to realign one section of retaining wall and sidewalk is underway at the corner of 20th Rd. and N Utah St., and will be completed in approximately 1 month.

For questions or concerns, please reach out to the project’s Construction Manager:  Kathy D. Ovalle La Torre, at kovalle@arlingtonva.us

November 2020 update:

All major construction (sidewalk, curb, and gutter and asphalt) was completed in November of 2020. The NC Landscape Architect will be working with individual homeowners on the remaining installation of trees and shrubs in the upcoming 2021 planting season.

October, 2018 Update:

A final design meeting was held with residents on October 18, 2018 at Glebe Elementary School. The final design meeting notes can be found below.

March Update 2020:

Construction for this project is scheduled to begin on or after April 6, 2020, weather permitting.

For any questions or concerns regarding construction, please reach out to:

Construction Manager – Andrew Lawson at (703) 364-9657 or by email at alawson@arlingtonva.us

About the Project

  • Completion of the missing sidewalk section from #2036 N Utah St (west side) to the open-space/play area at Waverly Village/Gables Apartments on 20th Road N (north side). On street parking will be retained on both sides, except where prohibited for traffic engineering ordinance reasons.
  • 5′-0″ wide concrete sidewalk adjacent to a 5′-0″ utility (grass) strip for street tree installation.
  • All street tree installation work will be implemented at the end of construction, and as designed by the NC Landscape Architect.
  • Steep grade areas will have stone retaining walls of varying heights, as applicable.
  • Nub with disability access ramps along the frontage of Woodstock Park at N Vermont St, to reduce crossing distances to the north and south sides of 20th Road N.
  • Complete asphalt street reconstruction and pavement milling/paving.
  • LED Carlyle-style streetlights will replace existing DVP-owned Cobra streetlights.
  • The narrowed roadway will maintain two travel lanes, one in each direction, but will be considered a yield street, when any curb-to-curb widths are less than 30’.
  • Please note, the county has been working on a Streetlight Master Plan (SMP) that will determine what type of lighting will be used in the future. The current lighting technology will not be supported by the county moving forward. At this time, the lights that were intended to be a part of the 20th Road North project will not be included. There may be an opportunity to do lighting in the future but that will also be determined by the outcome of the SMP, which will need to be adopted by the County Board.

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