The Trove (Wellington Apartments)


1201 (future) S. Ross Street. South of 12th Street South (southeast corner of the existing Wellington property), Arlington, VA 22204  View Map

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The Trove (Wellington Apartments)

This reports the status related to the entitlement process only and does not imply the status of any individual building permits.

This project was approved by the County Board on July 20, 2016. Read the meeting minutes with approved site plan conditions (Item #61).

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U-3448 Form Based Code (FBC) Project

About the Project

The applicant, Washington Real Estate Investment Trust (WashREIT) Wellington Apartments LLC, proposes to build three, 6-story residential buildings totaling 402 (market-rate) multi-family dwelling units on approximately 152,368 square feet of land on the site currently occupied by the Wellington Apartments without removing any existing units.  The new development will achieve LEED Silver energy efficiency and will additionally convert 105 of the existing units within the Wellington Apartment buildings to committed affordable units.

Project Details

  • Zoned “RA6-15” and located within the Columbia Pike Neighborhoods Special Revitalization District
  • 6-Story, multi-family project
  • 402 reserved (tenant) parking spaces
  • 51 shared (visitor) parking spaces
  • 35,531 square feet of private open space
  • 161 bicycle spaces located within garage
  • Streetscape improvements around the perimeter of the new building (including clear sidewalk, trees and trash bins)
  • Construction of new street connections (South Ross Street and new segment of 12th Street South)

Elements Under Consideration

Since the proposed three buildings include several connections by enclosed pedestrian walkways, this project is assessed through the Form Based Code as one, individual building.  As a result, from a zoning perspective, the proposal will require a modification to the maximum building footprint and consequently follow the Special Exception Form Based Code Use Permit process.  The applicant is also requesting a modification to the new street center line which has an impact on one of the Required Building Lines.

Project Materials

Applicant Materials

Meeting Materials

Additional Materials

  • May 9, 2016: Revised Affordable Housing Plan: Memo
  • Feb. 22, 2016: Preliminary Affordable Housing Plan: Memo