Arlington View Terrace


1420 S. Rolfe St., Arlington, VA 22204  View Map

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Form Based Code (FBC) Project



About the Project

The applicant, AHC Inc., proposes to build an affordable multi-family residential project consisting of a four-story building with 77 units with structured parking.  This represents a portion of the overall Arlington View Terrace property, much of which will remain unchanged with this phase of development.

Project Details

  • Site is currently zoned “RA8-18” and located within the Columbia Pike Neighborhoods Special Revitalization District
  • Site is approximately 52,174 square feet
  • One 4-story building residential project
  • All units will be affordable units
  • 64 parking spaces will be provided

Elements Under Consideration

This will be reviewed administratively under the Neighborhoods Form Based Code (in the absence of any requested modifications or special circumstances).

Project Materials

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