Gilliam Place (APAH)


3507 Columbia Pike. The property is bounded by Columbia Pike and South Lincoln Street., Arlington, VA 22204  View Map

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The project was approved by the County Board on Dec. 12, 2015. Read the meeting minutes (Item #31)

About the Project

U-3426 Special Exception Use Permit Form Based Code (FBC) Project

The applicant, Arlington Partnership for Affordable Housing, Inc, proposes to build a 6-story mixed-use building on 56,761 square feet of land on the site currently occupied by the Arlington Presbyterian Church. The new building would include approximately 8,000 square feet of ground-floor retail, 173 residential units, 205 underground parking spaces and approximately 6,400 square feet of private open space while designed to meet Earthcraft Platinum standards.

Project Details

  • Zoned “C-2” and located within the Columbia Pike Special Revitalization District (portion of the site will be rezoned from “R-5” to “CP-FBC”)
  • Site is 56,761 square feet and does not need any modifications from the Form Based Code
  • 6-story, mixed-use project
  • 173 reserved (tenant) parking spaces
  • 32 shared (visitor/customer) parking spaces
  • 59 reserved bicycle spaces within secure storage facility
  • 2 public bicycle spaces located on-street
  • Streetscape improvements on South Lincoln Street and Columbia Pike (including clear sidewalk, street trees, benches and trash bins)
  • Rear alley for access to parking and loading

Elements Under Consideration

This is a Special Exception Form Based Code Use Permit due to the existing site size which is larger than 40,000 square feet.  The applicant is not indicating any modifications are proposed as their proposal should be fully compliant with the Code.

Project Materials

Applicant Materials

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The applicant has requested assistance from the County in the form of Affordable Housing Investment Fund (AHIF).