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This project was approved by the County Board on November 14, 2020.

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About the Project

The applicant, Merion Pike West LLC, proposes a two-phased development program. The applicant has currently applied for Phase 1 to build two new 6-story multifamily residential buildings with a common structured garage on approximately 169,827 sq. ft. of land on a site currently occupied by 14 multi-family apartment buildings totaling 90 units and 118 surface parking spaces. The proposal includes 400 new residential units, totaling approximately 413,400 sq. ft. of residential gross floor area, and six levels of above-grade parking containing approximately 418 parking spaces.

Phase 2 will be requested at a later date. Until then, 27 existing units and 20 existing parking spaces will remain, and 12 new spaces will be provided for existing residents.

Project Details
  • The site is zoned “RA14-26” and designated “Low-Medium”Applicant Materials Residential on the General Land Use Plan map and located within the Western Subarea Regulating Plan of the Form Based Code.
  • Site is approximately 169,827 sq. ft.
  • 6-story, multifamily residential project
  • 400 new residential units (276 units at market rate, 62 units at 60% AMI, 62 units at 80% AMI)
  • 418 parking spaces in garage
  • One new on-street parking space (South Greenbrier Street)
  • 170 bicycle parking spaces
  • Streetscape improvements on South Greenbrier Street (including clear sidewalk, street trees, light poles, benches and trash bins)
  • Designed to meet LEED Silver standards
Elements Under Consideration

This is a Special Exception Form Based Code Use Permit due to the existing site size which is larger than 40,000. The applicant is also requesting the following modifications from the Neighborhood Form Based Code:

  • Amendments to the Form Based Code and the Master Transportation Plan to relocate one street and reclassify two streets as planned alleyways to address the topography and development constraints
  • Modification of Form Based Code Section 402.C.1 for a building footprint in excess of 25,000 sq. ft. for two new buildings


About the Process

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