Gulf Branch Stream Resilience Project


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In Design

Gulf Branch Stream Project


Stream sections near Gulf Branch Nature Center, 3608 N Military Rd.

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In Design

  • 2019: Concept Design Engagement
  • 2020-2022: Project on Hold, Concept Design Re-engagement
  • 2023-24: Develop Draft Final Design, Seek Input, Permitting, Procurement
  • 2025: Anticipated Construction Start

Fall 2023 Gulf Branch Stream Project Update

Thank you to all who joined us for the on-site community meeting at Gulf Branch Nature Center in fall 2023!

Couldn't make it? Please review the materials and fill out the online feedback form.

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Do you have questions about stream projects in Arlington? 

Winter-Spring 2023 Update: Green Streets

Throughout the Gulf Branch stream project engagement, controlling runoff closer to the source has been an important theme in community member input. Parallel to the Gulf Branch stream project, several Green Street projects have also been proposed in the watershed. In 2022, design feasibility was assessed for projects identified in the Watershed Retrofit Study.

Engagement with the Green Street nearby neighbors began in fall 2022. Design work and neighbor engagement for the Green Street projects will continue in 2023. The Green Street projects will begin construction before the Gulf Branch stream project.

The stream project design process continues to move forward. Internal and external feedback has been incorporated and the next design phase is getting started.

Spring-Summer 2022 Update: Community Meeting & Feedback Form

Thanks to all who attended and provided input for the June 2022 community meeting! Please find the meeting materials below. 

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2019-2020 Engagement Summary

In 2019-2020, during two preliminary meetings, we reviewed the goals of the project, floodplain reconnection structures, and specific challenges and proposed practices in the targeted areas in Gulf Branch. We received feedback at the meetings and through an online form about how the community values and uses the stream valley currently and gathered input about desired changes. Please see the meeting materials in the table below for more information. 

In March 2020, the project design process was put on hold due to budgetary constraints for capital funding during the pandemic. The engagement process was restarted with a community meeting in June 2022.  

About the Project

As part of Arlington County’s efforts to protect our local streams, Gulf Branch was identified as a high priority for a stream repair and resiliency project because of active erosion, infrastructure concerns and habitat degradation. Funding for design was allocated through the Capital Improvement Plan in 2018.

Stream projects are a key strategy identified and adopted as part of the Stormwater Master PlanProject goals include: 

  • Create a stable stream channel to accommodate storm flows, address active erosion and create overall resiliency to climate change
  • Repair and protect vulnerable exposed infrastructure and prevent sewage releases to the stream and repeat emergency repairs
  • Reduce excess sediment and nutrients being transported downstream to help protect Potomac River and Chesapeake Bay and meet regulatory requirements
  • Enhance habitat and reduce impact to existing high-quality habitat
  • Increase public safety and access to stream for recreational purposes (also supports biophilic goals)

Meeting Materials 

Please contact us to receive notification of upcoming meeting dates.

Date Location and Description Meeting Materials
October 25, 2023 Community Meeting
Gulf Branch Nature Center
October 9 & 11, 2023 Advisory Group meetings
Gulf Branch Nature Center
November 2022

Gulf Branch Green Streets Neighbor Meetings

June 22, 2022

Community Meeting

May 23, 2022

Advisory Group Meeting
Gulf Branch Nature Center

February 19, 2020 Advisory Group Meeting
Gulf Branch Nature Center
November 6, 2019 Community Meeting #2
Madison Community Center
October 9, 2019 Advisory Group Meeting
Gulf Branch Nature Center
July 17, 2019 Open House / Meeting #1
Gulf Branch Nature Center
May 22, 2019 Gulf Branch Stream Restoration Advisory Group
Gulf Branch Nature Center