Donaldson Run Headwaters Outfall Repair


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This project will repair a failing storm sewer outfall between 24th Road North and the Analostan Homeowners Association Property which flows into Donaldson Run.  The project will also stabilize the eroded stream channel below the outfall feet to a point that connects to a previously constructed stream restoration project.  A section of storm sewer pipe was also previously re-aligned as part of the project.  The stream stabilization will include the installation of step pools to slow the energy of the stream flow and rock walls to protect the stream channel.   

Construction Schedule 

Construction began in June, 2023 and the construction time frame is 9 months.  Construction access will be from 25th St North and the Missionhurst property. 

Construction Updates

June 2023

The County has issued the notice to proceed to the contractor.  In June, the contractor has staked out the limits of disturbance for the project and started installing erosion and sediment controls around the site.   During the week of June 20th, the contractor will be doing some tree removal and installing the construction entrance.

July 2023

The contractor has installed the erosion and sediment controls and is working on installing an access route to the stream and outfall.

August, 2023

The contractor has installed an access pathway made of stones along the stream.   The contractor is working on installing a new end wall over the stormwater pipe and installing fill behind the end wall.  When the end wall is complete, the contractor will begin work on stabilizing the stream banks. 

September, 2023

The contractor completed installation of the end wall over the stormwater pipe.  The contractor has started construction on the stone wall along the stream. 

October, 2023

The contractor is working on installing in stream rock structures and rock vanes and continuing to build the rock wall along the stream.  The contractor replaced a section of sanitary sewer pipe under the stream.

November, 2023

The contractor is encasing the new sanitary sewer pipe in concrete, and continuing to install stream rock structures, rock vanes and the rock wall along the stream.

December, 2023 

The contractor is continuing to install stream rock structures, rock vanes and the rock wall along the stream.

January, 2023

In early January, the contractor will be re-lining the sanitary sewer line that runs along the stream.   The contractor will be finishing installing rock structures along the stream.

February, 2023

The contractor has finished the in-stream and outfall repair work and will be removing the access pathways and cleaning up the construction area.  A sub-contractor will come in March/April timeframe to do the planting work on the site. 



Project plans

Part 1 - Includes existing conditions, tree inventory, erosion and sediment control plans, pollution prevention plans, plan and profile(PDF, 32MB)

Part 2 - Includes cross sections, stormwater computations, water quality impact assessment(PDF, 9MB)

Planting Plan

28 trees will be removed for the project and 630 trees, 188 shrubs, and live stakes will be planted.  View the landscape plan(PDF, 4MB)  and the plant list(PDF, 2MB) for the project.

Project Engagement

This project is a consult level engagement with the property owners adjacent to the project and communicate level engagement with the surrounding neighborhood.

Date Meeting Meeting Materials 
 Various dates  Meetings with property owners bordering the project   
 April, 2017      Meeting with Analostan HOA  
 March 18. 2023   Board Report    Construction contract was approved by County Board (Item #22) 
 March 28, 2023, 7 PM   Informational Meeting 

Meeting presentation(PDF, 10MB)

 Meeting video