Demolition and Microforest 6415 N. 24th St

The home at this property was damaged by flooding and County acquired the property through a voluntary property acquisition.  The home was removed and trees were planted on the property.


The home has been removed and the utilities at the property have been disconnected.  The existing fence at the site was re-used to enclose the property.  

Tree planting is complete.  The tree species include:

  • White oak
  • Willow oak
  • Black oak
  • Scarlet oak
  • Red maple
  • Black walnut
  • Boxelder

Project Engagement

Meeting Date      Meeting Type  Meeting Materials 
 June, 2021  Neighborhood meeting   
 April, 2022  Neighborhood meeting  
 June, 2022  Pre-construction meeting  Presentation(PDF, 6MB)  
 November 9, 2022  Project update provided as part of Crossman Run Watershed Resilience Meeting   Presentation




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