Ballston Wetland Park Ribbon Cutting

Join us to celebrate the restoration of Ballston Wetland Park!(PDF, 558KB) Learn about the project and see the new wetland and park amenities.

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The Ballston Pond was originally designed and constructed to collect and slow stormwater runoff from Interstate 66 when the highway was built in 1980. Over the years, the pond filled with sediments deposited by stormwater runoff, which slows down when it reaches the pond. Trash and invasive plants were also an issue in the pond.

Retrofitting the Ballston Wetland Park was a high-priority project in the County’s Stormwater Management Program. This pond receives runoff from more than 300 acres of urban and suburban land, and represents the most feasible opportunity within Arlington for a larger regional stormwater management facility. Retrofitting the pond so it provides more water quality treatment helps the County comply regulatory requirements (municipal separate storm sewer system permit) and contributes to restoring the Chesapeake Bay.  The pond also reduces peak flows during storms in Lubber Run by 30%.

Getting there:   No parking is available on site.   Please take metro to Ballston MU station or take Arlington Transit lines 41, 42, 52, 72. Parking is available nearby at Ballston Quarter Mall.  You can also get to the pond via the Custis trail or the Bluemont Junction Trail. 



  • Tuesday, September 26, 2023 | 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM


Ballston Wetland Park

No parking is available on site. Please ride Metro to the Ballston-MU Station or take or Arlington Transit lines 41, 42, 52, 72. Parking is available nearby at Ballston Quarter Mall.

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