Fire Station No. 8 Replacement


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Construction of the new fire station is expected to be complete in early 2024. Work hours are 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Monday to Friday, and some Saturday work from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.


The brickwork on the exterior of the building is complete. In the next few weeks, crews will install the exterior metal panels, water main, the gas line, and work on the stormwater vaults and traffic signal. Inside the building, crews are installing the ceiling grid, lighting, mechanical grilles, sprinkler heads, and flooring.

Call for Donations by Oct. 15

The County is developing a small-scale historical exhibit which will be displayed in the lobby to convey the personal contributions, stories, and human connections of the members of Fire Station 8 from its origins in 1918 through the present day. If you, your family, or friends have historical artifacts such as photographs, awards, mementos, and more that you would like to donate, we would love to display them. Items can be donated permanently or on a “temporary loan” basis. Learn more in this letter and contact Maire Bourque at if you would like to discuss a donation. To help us plan for the new exhibit, please express interest in donating by Oct. 15.

About the Project

For more details about the 2015 Fire Station 8 Public Process, including relevant documents and meeting materials, visit the archived project page.

In September 2015, and after a rigorous public process to identify new sites for Fire Station No. 8, the County Board appointed the Fire Station No. 8 Task Force and charged the group with reviewing these siting options for a replacement station. The Task Force held several meetings and ultimately recommended building a new four-bay station in the location of the existing station at 4845 Langston Boulevard. In July 2016 the County Board accepted the Task Force recommendation and voted to build a new Fire Station No. 8 at its current location.

In January 2017, the County Board approved the acquisition of three parcels to use as a temporary location for Fire Station No. 8, while the new one is being built. The parcels, located at 2211, 2215 and 2217 N. Culpeper Street, are immediately adjacent to the existing station – this keeps the station in the same general area and affords minimal disruption in fire operations.

Combining the acquired parcels with the existing fire station site will offer efficiency and cost savings in construction of both the temporary and new permanent station. The temporary location is expected to include temporary engine bay structures on the 2211 and 2215 parcels and the living quarters will be located in the existing 2217 N. Culpeper Street building.

The Fire Station No. 8 History and Legacy (FS8HL) working group was established in January 2018 and charged to develop and recommend strategies to recognize, emphasize and honor the history and legacy of the Hall’s Hill/High View Park Volunteer Fire Department and Fire Station No. 8. The findings of the working group are available online.


Construction Activity Updates

Summer 2023:The contractor installed the brick façade, interior drywall, and stairwell guardrails, and laid the gas, water, and sewer lines from the building to the street. Installation of the exterior windows and solar panels on the roof were completed. Construction of the stormwater detention systems and the addition of the apparatus bay doors and exterior metal panels occurred in July.

Spring 2023: Crews enclosed the building, completed the roofing, and installed windows and the green roof. Work continued on the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing rough-in.

Winter 2023: Work on enclosing the building, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing rough-in. Installation of block walls, brickwork, metal studs, and insulation.

December 2, 2022: A topping out celebration was held to recognize the completion of the steel framing.

November 2022: Installation of the steel columns, beams and second floor metal decking.

September – October 2022: Crews worked on the footings and foundation of the new Fire Station 8 structure and continued laying the underground piping for the building's electrical, plumbing, and other systems. They poured the floor concrete and laid some masonry.

August 2022: Crews worked on the foundation of the new structure, including digging for the building’s footings, setting reinforcing bar, and pouring the footings. After this, the foundation walls were poured. Crews also laid underground piping for the building’s electrical, plumbing, and other systems.

May – June 2022: Demolition on the Fire Station 8 structure began the week of May 2 and finished in June 2022.

About the Process

Public Process 

Public Facilities Review Committee Documents

Date Engagement/Feedback Documents
November 18, 2020 PFRC Meeting #6 Presentation: Arlington County Fire Station #8, Meeting #6
December 11, 2019 PFRC Meeting #5 Presentation: Arlington County Fire Station #8, Meeting #5
October 16, 2019 PFRC Meeting #4 Presentation: Arlington County Fire Station #8, Meeting #4
September 18, 2019 PFRC Meeting #3 Presentation: Arlington County Fire Station #8, Meeting #3
June 26, 2019 PFRC Meeting #2 Presentation: Arlington County Fire Station #8, Meeting #2
May 1, 2019 PFRC Meeting #1 Presentation: Arlington County Fire Station #8, Meeting #1


Additional Outreach


Funding identified in the 2019-2028 CIP and provided through other various funding sources.