North Quincy Site

About the Temporary ART Bus Parking at N Quincy

In order to maintain continuity of ART bus service during the construction of a new ART Operations and Maintenance Facility, 41 buses that were housed at the Shirlington facility needed to be parked elsewhere. Construction of the new ART facility will take place between 2022 and 2025.

After extensive evaluation of the County’s properties, it was determined that the Quincy property would be the most appropriate to hold 29 of the ART buses due to it already being zoned commercial/light industrial and needing very little modification to accommodate the buses, a dispatch office, and employee parking. Following completion of the new ART Operations Maintenance Facility (planned for 2025), the 29 buses will be relocated to that location.

On Saturday, May 14, 2022, the County Board approved the temporary ART Bus parking use permit on the North Quincy site. On May 16, 2022, site preparation activities for the relocation began, which included test fit of bus parking, striping on parking lots, installation of fencing, and construction of an ART Dispatch Office inside Building Quincy 2 (1429 N. Quincy Street). View the operations map.(PDF, 230KB)

Landscaping and Buffer Area Improvements

N Quincy Landscaping June 2023.jpg The County installed a new 7-foot cedar fence along the south edge of the property in April 2023 and replenished the landscaping(PDF, 2MB) at this facility in summer 2023. Landscaping crews will be on-site periodically for ongoing watering, maintenance and occasional touch-ups. If you are walking through the site, please be mindful of any signage related to this work.


Community Engagement Materials