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Site Plan Review Projects

Site plans are significant private and public-private projects limited to specific parcels. These plans are regulated by Administrative Regulation 4.1 policy. Those that request special exceptions to the County’s land use and zoning policies are carefully reviewed through a process that ensures proper analysis, public engagement and compliance with applicable policies and ordinances.

Active Site Plans

Active site plans have submitted formal applications for approval and are in various stages of the review process. Learn more

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3400 13th Street N. (Virginia Square)





GLUP Amendment, Rezoning, and New Site Plan
  • GLUP Amendment to "Low" Office-Apartment-Hotel
  • Rezoning to C-O-1.5
  • Demolition of existing YMCA facility and construction of a new 93,820 sf YMCA facility
  • Construction of a new seven-story residential building containing 374 units
  • Modifications requested for additional density per ACZO Sec. 15.5.9, density exclusions, residential and health facility parking ratio, loading dock spaces, building placement, and other modifications.  

YMCA of Metropolitan Washington

David Tarter
(Attorney / Agent for YMCA)

M. Catherine Puskar, (Attorney / Agent for residential) 


Peter Schulz  Devanshi Patel / Tony Striner

Wells Fargo/Verizon Site 

3140 Washington Boulevard and 1025 N. Irving Street




GLUP Amendment, Use Permit and New Site Plan

  • Amend the GLUP for the Verizon site from Government and Community Facilities to Medium Density Mixed Use. 
  • Construction of a new 12-story building containing 238 residential units, approx. 66,000 sf of office GFA, and approx. 35,000 sf of retail GFA.
  • Use Permit for drive-thru lane for bank 
  • Modifications requested for reduced office and residential parking ratios, additional height and density, density exclusions, building stepbacks, loading spaces, and other modifications. 

JAG Development Company and Verizon 

Virginia LLC 

Sara Mariska

(Attorney / Agent


Peter Schulz


Devanshi Patel  

Wakefield Manor 

2025 Fairfax Drive (Fort Myer Heights)



SPRC: Complete

PC/CB: May/June 2024 

Major Site Plan Amendment (SP #417)

  • Construction of a new 12-story residential building containing 166 units
  • Modifications requested for additional density pursuant to the Zoning Ordinance, density exclusions, and residential parking ratios 

FORTIS Companies, LLC

Andrew Painter, (Attorney / Agent)


Kevin Lam 


Leo Sarli / Sara Steinberger 

River House Neighborhood

1111 Army-Navy Drive 

(Pentagon City)








Next LRPC: complete


Rezoning, New Phased Development Site Plan, and New Final Site Plan(s):
  • Rezoning of slivers of larger site from C-O-2.5 and R2-7 to RA6-15
  • New Phased Development Site Plan to allocate 3,639 residential units (including 1,963 new residential units and 1,676 existing units) and 29,089 sf of commercial space (including 27,759 sf of new commercial space) 
  • Final Site Plans to construct 1,668 new residential units and 27,759 sf of commercial space within Landbays N, S, and C
  • Modifications requested for additional density per ACZO Sec. 15.5.9, loading spaces, residential parking ratio, and all other modifications necessary to achieve the proposed development

James House Residential LLC,

Potomac House Residential LLC,

and Ashley House Residential LLC

(c/o JBG-Smith)

Kedrick N. Whitmore, Esq. (attorney/agent)


Adam Watson  

Daniel Weir 

Pentagon Centre PDSP 

1200 S. Fern Street
(Pentagon City)




LRPC: Complete

PC/CB: May 2024

Phased Development Site Plan (PDSP) Amendment:

  • Amendment to existing Phased Development Site Plan to adjust the site layout for street grid, shift building footprints, and siting of open spaces. 
  • Proposal to decrease retail GFA by approximately 77,000 sf, and to allocate and additional 331,000 sf of office GFA, 110 hotel rooms, and 1,140 residential units. 

PL Pentagon, LLC, Pentagon Residential I LLC, and Pentagon Residential II, LLC (c/o Kimco)

G. Evan Pritchard 


Krissy Walentisch  Jim Lantelme  

NSTA Site 

1840 Wilson Boulevard




Next SRPC: April 15

Major Site Plan Amendment:

  • Incorporate new site area into the site plan 
  • Demolish existing building 
  • Construct a new building containing 188 residential units and approximately 12,000 sf of retail or equivalent space.  

1840 Wilson LLC (c/o FORTIS Companies) 

Andrew Painter 


Courtney Badger


Sara Steinberger 

Crystal City Block W  

2451 Crystal Drive 

(Crystal City)





LRPC: Complete


Rezoning, New Site Plan, New Crystal City Block Plan, and New Minor Site Plan Amendment:

  • Rezoning of the consolidated site from C-O-1.5 to C-O-CC
  • Minor Site Plan Amendment to remove site area from SP #167
  • New Crystal City Block Plan for Block W
  • New Site Plan to construct a seven-story building containing 370 residential units and approximately 3,300 sf of retail or equivalent space. 

Fifth Crystal Park Associates LP & CESC Park Five Land LLC (c/o JBG-Smith) 

Kedrick N. Whitmore



Krissy Walentisch 


Jim Lantelme 
12th Street Landing (TSA Site) 

701 12th Street S. 

(Pentagon City)


Next LRPC: April 1


Phased Development Site Plan (PDSP) Amendment:
  • Amendment to Pentagon City PDSP to split the site into three new landbays and delineate locations for required site amenities
  • Proposal to increase total site density to 9.0 FAR and allocate across landbays

Brookfield Properties 601 South 12th Co. LLC & Brookfield Properties 701 South 12th Co. LLC (c/o Brookfield Properties)

Kedrick N. Whitmore 


Peter Schulz Devanshi Patel  

Dweck Crystal Plaza Apartments

2101 & 2111 Richmond


(Crystal City) 



Online Engagement: TBD  

Rezoning, Minor Site Plan Amendment, New Site Plan, and Block Plan:

  • Remove site area from SP #11
  • Rezone new site plan site area to C-O-CC
  • Crystal City Block Plan 
  • Demolish north wing of existing Crystal Plaza Apartments Building 
  • Realign a portion of S. Clark Street adjacent to the site 
  • Construct a 24-story building containing 403 residential units and 7,851 sf of retail GFA. 

CP One Owner LLC (c/o Dweck Properties)

Kedrick N. Whitmore 



Courtney Badger


Leo Sarli / Tony Striner

*Staff = CPHD Planning staff lead 

**Project Chair = SPRC Planning Commission member chair(s)

Preliminary Site Plans

Preliminary site plans are in the earliest stages of the site plan process. Learn more

Project Webpage, Address, Application Materials Anticipated CPHD Acceptance Date Description Applicant Staff* Project Chair**

Novel Arlington Ridge 

2480 S. Glebe Road
(Green Valley) 


April 2024 

Major Site Plan Amendment (SP #111):

  • Amend SP #111 
  • Demolish existing two hotels including four hotel buildings and one hotel office building 
  • Construct a new nine-story multifamily residential building including a seven-story structured parking garage, and four "vertical apartment" buildings containing a total of 521 residential units 

CC ROCK ARLINGTON OWNER, LLC (c/o Crescent Companies)

Kedrick N. Whitmore


Kevin Lam   TBA 

*Staff = CPHD Planning staff lead 

**Project Chair = SPRC Planning Commission member chair(s)

On-Hold and Expired Site Plans

Approved Site Plans






Development Use Permit Projects

The Zoning Ordinance distinguishes between uses permitted “by-right” and uses allowed by “special exception.” The use permit is one form of special exception. For private development, it applies to Unified Commercial Mixed Use Development (UCMUD)Unified Residential Development (URD) and Form Based Code Review.

Unified Commercial Mixed Use Development (UCMUD) Projects

Unified Commercial Mixed Use Development (UCMUD) provides for the new construction of residential units within commercial zoning districts limited to "C-2" Service Commercial, "C-3" General Commercial, and the "Clarendon Revitalization District," as well as "C-1" and "C-TH," as part of a mixed use development in accordance with specified guidelines. Learn more



Form Based Code Review Projects

Administrative Change Requests

An administrative change is any minor modification of an approved site plan or use permit which complies with the spirit of this Code, the intent of the County Board in its approval of the site plan or use permit, and the general purpose of the comprehensive plan for the development of the area.

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