Private Development

Site Plan Review Projects

Site plans are significant private and public-private projects limited to specific parcels. These plans are regulated by Administrative Regulation 4.1 policy. Those that request special exceptions to the County’s land use and zoning policies are carefully reviewed through a process that ensures proper analysis, public engagement and compliance with applicable policies and ordinances.

Preliminary Development Proposals

Preliminary development proposals are in the earliest stages of the site plan process. Learn more.

View a map of preliminary proposals under review.

Active Site Plan Applications

Active site plans have submitted formal applications for approval and are in various stages of the review process. Learn more.

View a map of under review site plan applications.

Approved Site Plans

View a map of recently approved site plans.

Approved Site Plans – 2020 and earlier



On-Hold and Expired Site Plans

On-Hold and Expired Site Plans


Development Use Permit Projects

The Zoning Ordinance distinguishes between uses permitted “by-right” and uses allowed by “special exception.” The use permit is one form of special exception. For private development, it applies to Unified Commercial Mixed Use Development (UCMUD)Unified Residential Development (URD) and Form Based Code Review.

Unified Commercial Mixed Use Development (UCMUD) Projects

Unified Commercial Mixed Use Development (UCMUD) provides for the new construction of residential units within commercial zoning districts limited to "C-2" Service Commercial, "C-3" General Commercial, and the "Clarendon Revitalization District," as well as "C-1" and "C-TH," as part of a mixed use development in accordance with specified guidelines. Learn more

Under Review

Form Based Code Review Projects

Form based code review is redevelopment within Columbia Pike’s Special Revitalization Districts and regulated by the Commercial Form Based Code and Neighborhoods Form Based Code. Learn more about the Form Based Code Review Process.

Under Review


Administrative Change Requests

An administrative change is any minor modification of an approved site plan or use permit which complies with the spirit of this Code, the intent of the County Board in its approval of the site plan or use permit, and the general purpose of the comprehensive plan for the development of the area.