Transit Development Plan (TDP)


Transit Strategic Plan Replaces Transit Development Plan

In 2018, the Virginia General Assembly passed legislation that requires transit agencies in urbanized areas to develop a Transit Strategic Plan (TSP) to ensure their transit services meet the needs of the community. TSPs are required for 1) urban areas with populations of at least 50,000 people, and 2) operate a fleet of 20 or more buses. 

The County's Transit Strategic Plan will establish a consistent approach for how state, regional, and local policies are implemented in the County’s transportation system. It focuses on the vision and mission for the agency, and the goals and objectives needed to achieve this vision. The Strategic Plan will guide Arlington Transit’s planning efforts, the prioritization of capital programs and projects, and the development of the operating and capital budgets. 

The Transit Strategic Plan takes place of the Transit Development Plan.

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County Board Approves New Transit Development Plan

On July 16, 2016, the Arlington County Board unanimously adopted a new Transit Development Plan (TDP) which provides a road map for Arlington Transit (ART) and Metrobus service improvements through 2026. Read the press release.

Responding to community concerns that the planned service improvements may not support the Columbia Pike corridor’s growth and revitalization, the Board directed the County Manager to explore improvements such as customized bus vehicles, larger buses and more frequent off-peak service that could encourage more people to use transit.

FY 2017-2026 Transit Development Plan

Annual Status Updates

About the TDP

The Transit Development Plan is a State-required study of the County’s transit service. It helps identify transit service needs, prioritize improvements and determine the resources required for implementing modified or new service. The plan also provides a foundation for requests for State funding, one of the County’s main funding sources for transit. The TDP builds upon the goals and policies adopted by the County Board in Arlington’s Master Transportation Plan and the associated Transit Element.

The TDP is updated every six years, and the State requires annual status updates. The new FY 2017-2026 Transit Development Plan was submitted to the Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation in 2016.