Long Bridge Park Advisory Committee

“On behalf of the Long Bridge Park Citizen Advisory Committee to the Arlington County Board, I would like to thank the Boeing Company for the significant commitment they have made to supporting Long Bridge Park. The Advisory Committee has long maintained that Long Bridge Park and the recreational facilities and services it provides and will provide as part of the new aquatics and fitness center are unique in the County and should be able to garner additional corporate sponsorship. Therefore, we are very pleased to learn of this new partnership between the Arlington County, the Boeing Company and the Arlington Community Foundation. We are confident that this will be a fruitful and important community partnership, one that will serve the County and its citizens well by increasing the ability of local military personal to access Long Bridge Park’s unique facilities and programs and by helping the County maintain and improve the Park for all Arlingtonians. We also hope that this new partnership can serve as a model for similar future partnerships between the County and private businesses that go to support not only park and recreational facilities, but other important county community services.”
Toby Smith, Chair


The Long Bridge Park Advisory Committee shall:

  1. Promote and advance the County vision and goals set forth in the Long Bridge Park Master Plan for Park and Recreational Facilities and North Tract Area Plan as developed by the original North Tract Task Force and subsequent Long Bridge Park Design Advisory Committee and adopted and revised by the Arlington County Board;
  2. Provide guidance to County staff and the architectural and engineering consulting team on the design of Long Bridge Park facilities and park elements, and work cooperatively with staff and the Architectural & Engineering team to ensure that the design embodies and respects (a) the Master Plan, (b) the general guidance in the program and architectural plan developed for the North Tract Aquatics, Health and Fitness Facility, or any similar subsequent plan, (c) relevant environmental remediation plans and policies, and (d) County budgetary provisions;
  3. Provide guidance to County staff on other issues associated with the complete development of the Master Plan and the furtherance of the policies, goals, and objectives set out within that document. Additionally, provide guidance on issues not specified in the Master Plan that may arise in the evolution of Long Bridge Park that may impact the development of the Master Plan.  Such issues may include, but not be limited to, operating costs, event planning, changes in nearby road or trail networks, etc.
  4. As the community steering committee, work with County staff and the A&E team to coordinate outreach to and effective communications with all community stakeholders and relevant County advisory commissions, and to facilitate public and commission reviews at appropriate points in the evolution of Long Bridge Park; and
  5. Make reports to the County Board as appropriate.

In carrying out this charge, the Chair of the Long Bridge Park Advisory Committee may convene working groups on an as needed basis, as determined by the Chair, to help facilitate specific aspects of park and facility design or to address other relevant issues in the overall development of the Master Plan. The Chair may also establish liaisons with other planning and design processes relevant to the Long Bridge area in order to ensure integration of the area’s overall design and site plan requirements. These other processes may include, but are not limited to, County reviews of site plans, any coordinated planning or cooperative efforts between the County and the National Park Service,  and any work being done in relation to sponsorships or partnerships that may have an impact on the design of the Long Bridge area.  The liaisons may be Advisory Committee members, other Arlington County residents or County staff.