Land Use Plans and Studies

Land use plans and studies are supporting documents to the Comprehensive Plan and define special planning areas that are guided by place-specific studies. These documents typically contain recommendations on elements such as land use, public space, building design, transportation, historic preservation, community revitalization and retail. Plans and studies use varying levels of public engagement throughout their process and many are ultimately adopted by the County Board.

  • Sector Plans guide the vision and future development of Metro Station Areas.
  • Area Plans are similar to sector plans but are typically smaller in geographic boundaries and are located within and outside of Metro Station Areas.
  • Special GLUP Studies are needed in instances where there is no adopted plan, or where a General Land Use Plan (GLUP) amendment request is inconsistent with the guidance of a relevant adopted plan.
  • Revitalization Plans offer recommendations for economic and incentive tools for places in need of redevelopment.
  • Zoning Studies review updates and amendments to land-use regulations in the Zoning Ordinance.
  • Neighborhood Conservation Plans are initiated by community members and identify a neighborhood vision and improvement projects. View NC Plans here.
  • Site Plans are significant private and public-private development projects limited to specific parcels. Those that request special exceptions to the County’s land use and zoning policies are carefully reviewed through a site plan process. View site plans/private development here.
  • Block Plans are tools used to provide further development guidance to a block as a whole. In Arlington, these are used in Crystal City when rezoning commercial areas to “C-O Crystal City”.
  • Other studies are conducted as needed and as guided by the County Board.

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