Rosslyn Streetscape Elements Plan

Rosslyn Streetscape Cover

The Rosslyn Streetscape Elements Plan provides guidance on streetscape elements (furnishings) and an approach for implementation for the public right-of-way within the Rosslyn Business Improvements Service District. The plan will be a companion document to the Rosslyn Sector Plan and the Rosslyn-Ballston Corridor Streetscape Standards documents. This plan was initiated by the Rosslyn Business Improvement Corporation (RBIC) and will be used to strengthen the district’s character and enhance the pedestrian experience.

The Plan also includes guidelines and a prototype design for a parklet (image above) – a publicly accessible deck platform that serves as an extension of the sidewalk, usually located in the parking lane adjacent to the curb. The prototype is planned for the northwest corner of North Oak Street and Wilson Boulevard.

Community Engagement

Early on, RBIC provided various opportunities for public input throughout the development of the streetscape elements, including concepts presented during the Realize Rosslyn public open house meetings. This input has helped inform additional revisions and refinements reflected in the County’s draft Plan. Further information about the public process is included in the Appendix of the Plan.

Date Advisory Group Meeting Materials
June 17 County Board
June 5 Planning Commission
June 1 Transportation Commission
May 15 Long Range Planning Committee
May 10 Pedestrian Advisory Committee
May 4 Transportation Commission