Four Mile Run Valley: About the Area

The Four Mile Run Valley (4MRV) area represents a combination of diverse uses not found elsewhere in the County – the convergence of an environmental stream corridor, parkland, cultural facilities, roads and bike trails, County facilities, industrial and service-oriented businesses, and residential uses. The initiative seeks to maximize the benefits of these various uses and characteristics while creating a clear vision for an improved and cohesive future.

Study Area

The proposed study area is approximately 95 acres along Four Mile Run Drive and Shirlington Road. Current site uses include heavy industrial, service commercial and public service.

The proposed Study Area [outlined in red below] is bounded by 24th Street South and South Four Mile Run to the north, Interstate 395 to the east, the County’s Barcroft Sports and Fitness Center to the west, and Arlington Mill Drive to the south. In addition, three commercially zoned parcels located north of Shirlington Road near S. Kemper Street will be included in the study area.

Within this larger planning area is the proposed Park Master Plan Study area [outlined in green] which is centered around Jennie Dean Park and extends from Shirlington Road west along South Four Mile Run Drive to just past South Oakland Street and then south of the existing buildings fronting South Four Mile Run Drive to halfway between South Oxford Street and South Walter Reed Drive and back along South Arlington Mill Drive. This park master planning area also includes Shirlington Park and Shirlington Dog Park.

The John Robinson, Jr. Town Square encompasses the entire block between 24th Road South and South Shirlington Road.

Map: Proposed Study Area(JPG, 814KB)

Four Mile Run Boundary Map

Related Plans, Studies & Sites

Several plans, studies and sites overlap or share a boundary with the Shirlington Crescent – Four Mile Run study area. The study will consider and complement previous planning work and neighboring areas.