Clarendon Sector Plan Update: Process, Scope and Timeline


The 2006 Clarendon Sector Plan sets forth a vision and goals for the area around the Clarendon Metro Station as a walkable destination with a quality public realm, accessible and connected places, and a rich mix of uses. Within the framework of the vision and broad goals, the plan provides detailed policy guidance for land use and density, transportation, historic preservation, building form, public space and urban design.

This Sector Plan guidance has shaped the physical development of Clarendon over the last 14 years, including private development projects and major public investments like the Clarendon Circle transportation improvements. However, some sector plan recommendations have yet to be realized, including redevelopment of key sites south of Washington Boulevard, the presumed relocation of Fire Station 4, and a new public park to meet the needs of a growing community.

The Clarendon Sector Plan Update study will provide a forum to preview active and pending development proposals together with public facility goals, by evaluating the following:

  • How conditions and assumptions have evolved since 2006, including changes to the office market, and public facility and park needs
  • How current and future service needs for public safety and public spaces can be achieved
  • Proposed alternatives to detailed sector plan guidance and zoning for private development within the study area to advance the sector plan’s vision 


Overhead view of neighborhood area
Clarendon Sector Plan Update: Study Area(JPG, 369KB)

The update process will not revisit the Sector Plan’s vision statement, overarching goals, or framework elements, which lay a foundation for achieving a long range vision for Clarendon. Rather, the study will consider whether the plan’s specific recommendations for individual sites should be refined in a manner that is consistent with the broader goals and policies. Elements of the plan that will be reevaluated include the following:

  • Land uses for private redevelopment (i.e. office, residential, hotel, retail)
  • Building height and form
  • Transportation (new street locations and street dimensions/design)
  • A new fire station to replace Fire Station 4
  • Guidance for public open space(s)

Study Area


The study will last approximately 12 months, beginning in September 2020 and concluding with County Board consideration of Sector Plan updates and Zoning Ordinance amendments in 2022.

The following is a tentative timeline, dates subject to change:


Community Engagement

This study will be informed by community engagement through the Long Range Planning Committee (LRPC), in conjunction with other commissions and civic associations listed below. The study will conclude with staff recommendations to the County Board for refinements to the Clarendon Sector Plan and amendments to the Zoning Ordinance.

Expanded LRPC Stakeholders:

  • Emergency Preparedness Advisory Commission: Sharon Valencia
  • Historical Affairs and Landmark Review Board: Joan Lawrence
  • Joint Facilities Advisory Commission: Susan Cunningham
  • Transportation Commission: Davis Rajtik
  • Parks & Rec Commission: Sarah Baryluk
  • Pedestrian Advisory Commission: John Armstrong
  • Urban Forestry Commission: Steve Sockwell
  • Clarendon-Courthouse: Kristine Wood
  • Ballston-Virginia Square: Collier Cook
  • Ashton Heights: Scott Sklar
  • Lyon Park: Aaron Schuetz
  • Lyon Village: Bill Gearhart
  • Joyce Motors site and associated properties: David Orr
  • Silver Diner site and associated properties: Thomas Shooltz
  • St. Charles Catholic Church site: Rashad Badr
  • Wells Fargo/Verizon site: Greg Van Wie

Community engagement will be conducted online, with a mix of online engagement tools and virtual LRPC meetings at key milestones. Online engagement sessions will consists of via recorded staff presentations on new agenda topics, with opportunities public input via the project website. Virtual LRPC agenda topics will allow for real-time discussion of topics presented in previous engagement sessions.