Community outreach is a priority and large component of the Historic Preservation Program (HPP). Sharing information about historic preservation and educating the public about the history of Arlington County is a core part of the mission of the HPP. Opportunities to engage with various communities range from presentations on preservation-related topics to pop-up events across Arlington. The program also partners with other groups on various projects, events, and activities in the community. 

Story Maps

Featuring interactive maps and tools, this new site highlights the goals proposed in the Historic and Cultural Resources Plan. Click to explore projects the HPP team has worked on in the past and hopes to tackle in the future. 

Spotlight on Heidelberg Pastry Shoppe - Cultural Heritage in Arlington

Since 1975, Heidelberg Pastry Shoppe has been providing Arlington's families with delicious baked goods to celebrate their traditions. Learn more about the history of the bakery, the family behind the pastries, and how the bakery has become a cultural institution in Arlington.

Spotlight on Mr. Moore's Barber Shop - Cultural Heritage in Arlington

For more than 60 years, Mr. Moore's Barber Shop has been an integral part of Arlington County. This legacy business provides more than just great haircuts; it's a community hub, and a place to spend time with and learn from your neighbors. Preserving and recognizing places like Mr. Moore's matters. Watch Mr. Moore share his barber shop's role in the community and how it contributes to the cultural heritage of the County.

Spotlight on Freddie’s – Cultural Heritage in Arlington

Since 2001, Freddie’s has been a safe community space for members of the LGBTQIA+ community to gather for good food, delicious drinks, fun drag shows, and karaoke. In partnership with Freddie’s and Arlington Video Group, the Historic Preservation Program put together a video that highlights how Freddie’s is an integral part of cultural heritage of the County and why preserving and recognizing spaces like Freddie’s matters. 

Arlington’s Naming Centennial Celebration

In November 2021, the County hosted a celebration to honor Arlington’s naming centennial. In partnership with several other County programs and departments, the Historic Preservation Program helped organize this event and the event’s exhibit that highlighted various chapters of history in the County from 1920 to 2020. 

9/11: 20 Years Later

As part of the 20th anniversary commemoration of September 11, 2001, Arlington County created a documentary project, sponsored by Arlington Public Library and the Historic Preservation Program. This video, produced as part of the project, remembers the attack on The Pentagon and the days that followed, as told by those who responded from the Arlington County Fire Department, Arlington County Police Department, Arlington County Sheriff’s Office, and Arlington County leadership. This project honors those we lost on 9/11. Thank you to all those who serve and have served. 

Amos Kennedy’s Art Project

From 2019 to 2021, Arlington Arts visiting artist Amos Paul Kennedy, Jr. worked to bring awareness to Arlington’s civil rights history. As part of the project, Mr. Kennedy created seven letter pressed cards to honor the 60th anniversary of the seven lunch counter sit-ins that took place in Arlington between June 9-22, 1960. This project was organized by Arlington Public Art and the Arlington Art Truck in collaboration with the Historic Preservation Program and others. Additionally, some of Mr. Kennedy’s art is featured on the ART Buses

Clarendon War Memorial

The Clarendon War Memorial markers are located in Clarendon Central Park adjacent to the Clarendon War Memorial, which commemorates the Arlingtonians who lost their lives in five conflicts of war. These markers were created as part of the commemoration of the centennial of World War I. The Historic Preservation Program, in partnership with other Arlington County departments and task forces and Arlington’s American Legion and Veterans of Foreign War Posts group, developed these interpretive markers to document the impacts of war on the local community. 

Document Historic Arlington

Document Historic Arlington was a collaboration between the Historic Preservation Program and Arlington Independent Media (AIM) to produce short documentary films on various aspects of Arlington’s history. Three videos were completed that highlight the Ball-Sellers House, the Clarendon War Memorial, and the civil war forts of Arlington. 

Preserving Heritage Trees

In collaboration with Arlington County’s Urban Forestry, the Historic Preservation Program helped create an informational video about how to combat oak decline and preserve trees on your property in Arlington. 


Other outreach activities the Historic Preservation Program has participated in and/or created include: 

  • Presentations to civic associations and community groups
  • Attendance at various community events such as the Arlington County Fair, LAIF, the Little Saigon Historic Walking Tour, and many others
  • Demonstrations on how to restore historic windows
  • Events related to the update of the Historic Preservation Master Plan 
  • Clean-ups of historic cemeteries and burial grounds