National Historic Places

The National Register of Historic Places is an honorific list of historic buildings, structures, districts, sites and objects that are important to our local, state and/or national history. These include well-known Arlington landmarks such as the Pentagon, Key Bridge, the Cherrydale Volunteer Fire House, Fort C.F. Smith Park and the boundary markers of the original District of Columbia. To be eligible for listing, a property must meet certain criteria for age, integrity and significance.

Bridges & Roads

  • Arlington Memorial Bridge
  • Georgetown Pike
  • George Washington Memorial Parkway
  • Key Bridge
  • Mount Vernon Memorial Highway


  • Arlington National Cemetery

Commercial Buildings

  • Al’s Motors
  • Glebe Center

Community Buildings



  • Apartment Bungalow and California-Type Houses (Multiple Properties)
  • Calvert Manor
  • Colonial Village *
  • Commons of Arlington (Walter Reed Gardens)
  • Garden Apartments and Apartment Buildings (Multiple Properties)


Institutional Buildings

Parks and Natural Elements

  • Arlington Ridge Park (Iwo Jima Memorial)
  • Boundary Markers of the Original District of Columbia
  • Benjamin Banneker Boundary Stone


  • Arlington Forest Historic District
  • Arlington Heights Historic District
  • Arlington Village Historic District
  • Ashton Heights Historic District
  • Aurora Highlands Historic District
  • Buckingham Village Historic District *
  • Cherrydale Historic District
  • Claremont Historic District
  • Columbia Forest Historic District
  • Dominion Hills Historic District
  • Fairlington Historic District
  • Glebewood Village Historic District
  • Glencarlyn Historic District
  • Highland Park-Overlee Knolls
  • Lee Gardens North Historic District
  • Lyon Park Historic District
  • Lyon Village Historic District
  • Maywood Historic District *
  • Monroe Courts
  • Penrose Historic District
  • Virginia Heights Historic District
  • Waverly Hills Historic District
  • Westover Historic District

Places of Worship


* indicates a site that is also a Local Historic District in Arlington