Historic and Cultural Resources Plan

Exterior of local historic district colonial village apartments

Historic and Cultural Resources Plan

February 2024 Update
 County staff has established an implementation framework for the Historic and Cultural Resources Plan, which was approved by the County Board on Saturday, Nov. 11.

Read the Historic and Cultural Resources Plan (HCRP).


The Historic and Cultural Resources Plan, formerly known as the Historic Preservation Master Plan, is an element of Arlington’s Comprehensive Plan and is the primary policy document guiding the County’s historic preservation vision, goals, and actions. The plan proposes exploring a variety of potential tools and actions that would allow easier, faster, and more equitable access to County preservation services. The HCRP helps integrate the County’s efforts to identify, evaluate, document, and preserve its historic resources and heritage with the other Comprehensive Plan elements, including land use, affordable housing, economic development, public spaces, transportation, energy, and the environment. 

Working with a team of consultants, Arlington County began the process to update the 2006 version of the plan in 2020. The update process included a detailed analysis of the original plan, an examination of the County’s historic preservation work since the original plan’s adoption, and robust public engagement. County staff changed the name from the Historic Preservation Master Plan to reflect a commitment to equity and inclusion. 


The updated HCRP is supported by a separate implementation framework containing action items and outlines ongoing, short-, mid-, and long-term priorities for executing the plan and furthering historic preservation while considering County processes and resources.

Implementation Framework   Read the 2023 HCRP

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