Historic and Cultural Resources Plan

Exterior of local historic district colonial village apartments

Historic and Cultural Resources Plan Update

The Historic Preservation Program, in partnership with Arlington Video Group, produced a video featuring Mr. Moore’s Barber Shop! For more than 60 years, Mr. Moore's Barber Shop has been an integral part of Arlington County. Watch Mr. Moore share his barber shop's role in the community and how it contributes to the cultural heritage of the County.

August 23 Update: The Historic Preservation Program is pleased to share the recommended draft of the Historic and Cultural Resources Plan(PDF, 12MB) (HCRP). This updated version of the draft HCRP will be considered by the County Board this fall. The HCRP is the primary policy document that will guide the County's historic preservation goals and actions. Share your thoughts on the recommended draft via this online form.

More about the Historic and Cultural Resources Plan Update

The Historic and Cultural Resources Plan is the primary guide for historic resources in the County. The purpose of this plan is to establish proactive priorities, goals, and objectives for County historic preservation activities that involve the historic built environment and County history in general. The Historic and Cultural Resources Plan serves as a guide to communicate the County’s Historic Preservation policies to citizens, businesses, developers, and others.

Current Historic Preservation Plan (adopted Dec. 2006)


The Implementation Framework (found in Appendix 2) completes the Plan by describing how the County will accomplish the efforts implied in its strategies, setting out an approach to implementation focused on the actions of County staff and elected and appointed officials.