Storm Sewer Capacity Study

A study of the storm sewer system was conducted to identify areas that need to be enlarged or modified to address localized flooding issues. The seven watersheds that were studied initially were known to have historical flooding issues. This effort is part of the Stormwater Master Plan.

Upgrades to the system were proposed on the basis of the computer model, and were broken into 107 distinct projects totaling almost 89,000 linear feet (16.8 miles) of pipe upgrades. The study identified large-diameter pipes (36 inches and larger) that may need to be upgraded to reduce the risk of flooding posed by large storm events. The projects were prioritized using several factors to identify the locations that were most vulnerable to flooding, including:

  • Land ownership
  • Location in the watershed
  • Whether the model results showed additional capacity was needed for the June 2006 storm
  • Length of pipe requiring additional capacity

Note: Projects that increase system capacity can only reduce the risk of flooding. The risk of flooding can’t be completely eliminated.

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Historical Stormwater Master Plans

1957 Storm Sewer Master Plan

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