Recycling Program Implementation Plan

Photo of green recycling bins

In response to 1991 state recycling mandates, a comprehensive Solid Waste Management Plan was developed, essentially replacing the Recycling Program Implementation Plan as the guide for solid waste programs. The current Solid Waste Management Plan (adopted June 2004) serves as the road map for recycling, waste reduction and overall solid waste programming activities in Arlington.

As part of a Zero Waste Resolution passed by the County Board in Nov. 2015, the Board directed staff, in cooperation with the community and citizen-led Solid Waste Committee, to develop a Zero Waste Plan. The new plan will replace the existing Solid Waste Management Plan and will guide the County in achieving its goal of diverting 90 percent of waste away from landfills and incineration by 2038.


Arlington currently meets the requirements of the solid waste planning regulations promoted by the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality in 2001 and anticipates that it will continue doing so with its existing programs. However, the County has opted to identify voluntary goals and objectives for solid waste management over a 20-year period, and has developed a set of program enhancements in order to meet these goals.

Section Seven of the Solid Waste Management Plan outlines these program enhancements and presents an approach for implementing them.