Comprehensive Plan Goals and Objectives

Our Comprehensive Plan was established by resolution of the County Board on August 27, 1960. The following general principles were adopted as part of the resolution:

  • Retention of the predominantly residential character of the county, and limitation of intense development to limited and defined areas;
  • Promotion of sound business, commercial and light industrial activities in designated areas appropriately related to residential neighborhoods;
  • Development of governmental facilities which will promote efficiency of operation and optimum public safety and service, including the areas of health, welfare, culture and recreation;
  • Provision of an adequate supply of water effectively distributed;
  • Maintenance of sewage disposal standards acceptable to the immediate county area and its neighbors in the entire Washington Metropolitan Area and consistent with the program of pollution abatement of the Potomac River;
  • Provision of an adequate storm water drainage system; and
  • Provision of an adequate system of traffic routes which is designed to form an integral part of the highway and transportation system of the county and region, assuring a safe, convenient flow of traffic, thereby facilitating economic and social interchange in the county.