Arlington County Profile

Did you know…

  • Profile2022_Vertical.jpg Arlington's population reached 238,643 people in 2020, followed by a slight decline due to impacts from the Covid-19 pandemic, which occurred in major metro areas across the country.
  • 53% of Arlington’s residents live in Planning Corridors (Rosslyn-Ballston, Richmond Highway and Columbia Pike).
  • 77% of housing units in the Planning Corridors are renter occupied.
  • Over 1,500 Committed Affordable Units were added to Arlington’s housing stock over the last year, the largest increase in the last 5 years.

Profile 2022 

The Arlington County Profile is an annual report providing statistical information including demographics, development, employment, transportation, community resources and much more.  The Profile has been updated for 2022 and includes the following features: data topics, key facts and takeaways, and planning corridor statistics.

The Interactive Corridors Summary (shown above) highlights population and housing statistics by planning corridor. Check out all three pages of the dashboard:

  • Population, Housing and Jobs by Corridor
  • 2021 Development Activity
  • Office and Residential Land Use by Corridor

For more information about Arlington’s history, amenities and highlights, see Arlington Fast Facts.


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