Race and Ethnicity Dashboard


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Introducing Arlington’s Race and Ethnicity Dashboard

Learn more about how the dashboard fits into Realizing Arlington’s Commitment to Equity.

The Race and Ethnicity Dashboard utilizes 2021 American Community Survey Estimates to provide a transparent means of comparing key demographic variables of Arlington’s population by race and ethnicity.  This data presented assists with understanding who we are as a County, how we are progressing, and where and how we need to focus our efforts with respect to achieving our vision, mission and goals around racial equity.

This dashboard was designed to display individual snapshots of Arlington’s White, Black or African American, Asian, Other (all other races and multi-racial), and Hispanic or Latino Origin populations, while also providing:

  • Context to understand disparities and differences in people’s lived experience in Arlington
  • A baseline from which to measure racial equity — closing the gaps so that race does not predict one’s success in any area of life
  • A resource/tool that can be applied as an equity lens when making decisions and considering policies, procedures, programs using the five questions:
  1. Who benefits?
  2. Who is burdened?
  3. Who is missing?
  4. How do we know?
  5. What do we do?

2021 Dashboard Stats:

  • Race by race, average household income for all race and ethnic categories lag behind White households.  Black or African American household income is less than 50% of White households.  Hispanic or Latino, Multiracial and Combined Populations, and Asian households have incomes of 60-77% of White households.
  • While White households represent about three out of every four households in Arlington County, they only represent approximately half (53%) of households who earn less than $50,000.
  • Black or African American residents are almost four times as likely as White residents to live below the federal poverty level and have over two times the unemployment rate.
  • Black or African American, Hispanic or Latino, and Multiracial and Combined Populations are more likely to not have access to a computer and less likely to hold a bachelor’s degree.

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The Arlington County Race & Equity team is seeking feedback on the Race and Ethnicity Dashboard, including how it is being used and what additional resources or data may be needed. 

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The American Community Survey is conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau on an annual basis to a sample of the population.  This current dashboard displays the 2021 American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates and will be updated annually after the U.S. Census Bureau releases data every December.  U.S. Census Bureau race and ethnic categories (White, Black or African American, Asian, American Indian or Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander, Two or more races, and Other; those of Hispanic or Latino Origin are of any race) are the basis for the categories in this dashboard.  Multiracial includes those who selected Two or more races. Combined Populations includes those of race categories with populations less than 6% of Arlington's total population.