CPHD Population and Demographic Estimates (Beta Version)

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The CPHD Population and Demographic Estimates (PDE) are designed to provide demographic profiles for Arlington’s civic associations, which do not align to U.S. Census Bureau geographies. The PDE enhances CPHD’s population estimates, which are found in the annual Profile, by applying U.S. Census Bureau American Community Survey estimates at the housing unit level and summarizing population for civic associations.

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The CPHD PDE Dashboard is currently in Beta version. We are asking the community to test the dashboard and provide feedback online.

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Using the Master Housing Unit Database (January 2023), estimates are derived for total households, household population, and total population. Details about this methodology can be found in CPHD’s 2020 Population Estimation Methodology. Each housing unit is then assigned demographics based on the Census Block Group in which it is located. The assignment is percentage based. For example, if a housing unit falls in a Block Group with 5% of the population under the age of 5 years, then that housing unit is coded to have 5% of residents under the age of 5. Housing units are then grouped together and summarized for meaningful geographies.

Use and Reliability

The PDE is intended to provide a demographic snapshot for Arlington’s civic associations. It is not intended to be used at the housing unit level. The PDEs are produced using American Community Survey (ACS) estimates. The ACS is administered to a sample of the population and therefore contains margins of error (MOE). Exercise caution when PDEs show small portions of the population for any one geographic area or variable. In some cases, estimates may be unreliable due to large MOEs. However, there is value in comparing the distribution within the demographic variables.


  • U.S. Census Bureau 2021 American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates
  • Master Housing Unit Database (MHUD) January 2023
  • CPHD Population Estimates January 2023