Neighborhood Signs Program

Neighborhood signs give a community an identity and instill a sense of pride among residents. The Arlington Neighborhoods Program works with civic associations to develop and install these signs. See our Signs Photo Gallery. The Program funds up to four signs made of synthetic granite and associated landscaping. Small signs are 24 inches square and large signs are 40 inches by 72 inches. To qualify for sign funding, the neighborhood civic association must:

  • Have an approved Arlington Neighborhoods Plan;
  • Provide a letter of commitment stating the civic association voted to proceed with a neighborhood sign project;
  • Select a small sign committee that will be responsible for developing design concepts, determining locations for signs on County property, obtaining approval from the civic association on design and sign locations and final review and approval; and
  • Select a primary contact person to serve as a liaison between County staff and the civic association sign committee during the design process, which can take up to six months.
  • Refer to chapter 7 of the Arlington Neighborhoods Program (ANP) Guidebook (Published 2023, Version 2) for more information.


The process for obtaining neighborhood signs involves the following:

  • Funding: Neighborhood sign projects must first be approved in an ArNAC funding session and then approved by the County Board. The funding process can take up to six months.
  • Design: One of our landscape architects is available to provide technical assistance.
  • Fabrication: A sign manufacturer will complete design and fabrication based on design concepts.
  • Installation: County Traffic Engineering staff reviews sign locations; County Zoning Office processes and approves sign permits; Department of Parks and Recreation installs the signs.
  • Ongoing Maintenance: The civic association is responsible for ongoing maintenance of signs. Each association shall sign maintenance and landscaping pledge cards and request neighborhood volunteers to maintain signs and associated plantings.