Capital Improvement Projects

Arlington Neighborhoods Program capital improvement projects include:

  • Street improvement
  • Streetlights
  • Parks
  • Sidewalks

There are two ways to initiate these projects:

  1. Work with the Arlington Neighborhoods Advisory Committee (ArNAC) to submit a priority project that has been identified in your Arlington Neighborhoods Plan to the County Board for funding approval; or
  2. Submit a resident, ArNAC, or Civic Association request. Arlington Neighborhoods Program staff determine if a project request requires an amendment to the existing Arlington Neighborhoods Plan and will work with the civic association to decide if the requested project should become a priority.

After the Board approves projects for funding, they go through a planning and design process. For each type of project, the process differs slightly. For example, new streetlights require a petition is signed by 60 percent of affected residents and park projects trigger a field study.

View the Arlington Neighborhoods Program (ANP) Guidebook (Published 2023, Version 2) to learn about the process.

Current Capital Improvement Projects

16th St N and N. Longfellow Street
19th Road North
20th Road North
22nd Street North
23rd Street South
24th Street N. at Old Dominion Drive
George Mason Drive
North Evergreen Street
North Greenbrier Street
North Highland Street
North Larrimore Street
North Monroe Street
North Montague Street
North Oakland Street
North Ohio Street & 14th Street North
North Ohio Street/John Marshall Trail
North Quebec Street
North Quintana Street
North Sycamore Street
Patrick Henry Drive
South 31st Street
South Abingdon Road and 31st Street South
South Courthouse Road
South Highland Street
South Lang Street
South Manchester St. & 2nd St. South 
South Oak, South Ode, and South Orme Streets
South Scott Street and 12th Street South
Vacation Lane

Williamsburg/Kensington Intersection

Map of Williamsburg and Kensington intersection

The project is restructuring the intersection of Williamsburg Boulevard and North Kensington Street to improve pedestrian safety.

Learn more about the Williamsburg/Kensington Intersection.


Current Parks Projects


Completed Capital Improvement Projects

John Robinson, Jr. Town Square

Rendered image of Nauck Town Square

The John Robinson, Jr. Town Square serves as a community gathering place for events and learning about the neighborhood’s rich cultural heritage.

Learn more about John Robinson, Jr. Town Square

Fort Ethan Allen Park

Photo of Cannon at Fort Ethan Allen Park

One of three surviving forts in Arlington, Fort Ethan Allen now contains site interpretation that brings an educational component to the park, along with landscaping and ADA improvements.

Learn more about Forth Ethan Allen Park.



Penrose Square

Penrose Square Development

Completed in 2012, Penrose Square is the first of three public squares being developed as a part of the County’s ongoing effort to revitalize the Columbia Pike corridor.

Learn more about Penrose Square.