Arlington Neighborhoods Program’s 50th Anniversary

The 50th anniversary of the Arlington Neighborhoods Program was in 2014. The milestone celebrated five decades of making residential neighborhoods great places to live through meaningful partnerships with community members. Together we have accomplished:

  • The investment of more than $67 million in residential neighborhood improvements;
  • The completion of more than 550 community projects;
  • The installation of more than 200 neighborhood signs for building residents’ pride;
  • The installation of miles of sidewalks for safe, healthy communities;
  • Built more than 50 Missing Links projects;
  • Thousands of volunteer hours among countless community members; and
  • The development of more than 70 Arlington Neighborhoods plans and updated plans.

Neighborhood Conservation 1964-2014 logo

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What We Do

The Arlington Neighborhoods Program originally began as a beautification initiative started by a resident in 1964. In 1965, we had three participating neighborhoods and a $400,000 budget. Today, our reach spans 50 neighborhoods and the 2012 bond was $11 million.

The Arlington Neighborhoods Program is the only County program exclusively serving residential communities. County staff works with community members and civic associations to develop Arlington Neighborhoods Plans, which establish a neighborhood’s vision and identify improvement projects. These projects include:

  • New LED street lights
  • Park & playground enhancements
  • Neighborhood signs
  • Street and sidewalk improvements

Safe, Beautiful Parks


Safe, Beautiful Neighborhoods

View the full gallery of projects.

Get Involved

Residents have a meaningful role to play in making projects like the ones above happen. You know your community best and are our strongest partners in identifying needs, working on Arlington Neighborhoods Plans and maintaining Arlington’s high quality of life. Your involvement gives you a voice, and offers you an opportunity for leadership and to participate in government.

Join your neighbors and get involved in making your neighborhood better. Contact your Civic Association to learn about current initiatives in your community.