Garbage Disposal Tips

garbage disposal

Here are some tips about what you can put down your garbage disposal — and what you shouldn’t. These tips help protect you and the environment!

  • Do Minimize the Use of Your Garbage Disposal

If you’re able to drop off vegetable waste or take advantage of curbside food scraps collection, you can dispose of material like vegetable peels, cuttings, stems, seeds and coffee grounds Composting will convert these waste items into a valuable soil.

  • Do Dispose of Liquid Materials in the Garbage Disposal

If they’re not hazardous or made up primarily of fats or oils, liquids are safe to put in the garbage disposal.

  • Do Dispose of Solid Items That Cannot Be Composted in the Trash

Arlington’s trash goes to the Energy-from-Waste facility in Alexandria where the trash is burned to make energy. So it’s preferable to dispose of noncompostable items in the trash instead of sending them down the garbage disposal where they’ll go to the Water Pollution Control Plant and be removed through the water treatment process.

  • Don’t Put Fats, Oil and Grease Down the Drain or in the Garbage Disposal

These materials (known as FOG) solidify in the sewer and cause blockages and sewer overflows. Materials like bacon grease, oil and other fats should be poured into an empty metal can and be allowed to cool and solidify, then disposed of in the trash. If there is a small amount of oil or grease in your pan, wipe the pan out with a paper towel to remove the grease before washing. Find out more about FOG and how to prevent backups.

  • Don’t Put Hazardous Materials Such as Chemicals or Medicine Down the Garbage Disposal

These hazardous items, such as paint, unneeded medicine, motor oil, pesticides, solvents and other cleaners, should be disposed of through the Household Hazardous Materials Program.

  • Don’t Put Hard or Fibrous Materials Down Your Garbage Disposal

Seeds, corncobs, bones, eggshells or flower stems can be damaging. They should be composted with curbside food scraps or dropped off. Trash is the last resort.