About Our Water-Sewer-Refuse Services

Arlington County is committed to maintaining an environment that is safe and healthy for us all.

In furtherance of that commitment, Arlington County is dedicated toTap-Water-300x199.jpeg the distribution of safe, clean water to our community and the collection for processing of the wastewater and residential refuse that our community generates. Our drinking water flows through approximately 500 miles of mains and is delivered to each of our customers through water meters that measure water consumption. 

After potable water is used for things like drinking, cooking and cleaning it becomes wastewater. Wastewater, which is estimated usingPrimary-Treatment-Equalization-Tank1.jpeg your water meter readings, drains to the sewer system and flows to our Water Pollution Control Plant for processing and cleaning. Cleaned water is then returned to Four Mile Run and the Chesapeake Bay for the enjoyment of all. 

Residential trash, recycling, and organics are collected weekly. Other specialty services, like mulch delivery or bulk collections, can be scheduled, upon request.  

All of these services, in addition to the operation and maintenance of our systems, are funded entirely by the rates and fees that we collect.

Our revenues are required by law to be used solely for the operation, maintenance and improvement of our systems and services. trash and boxes 600x350.jpg

Annually, our utility and refuse rates are analyzed to ensure that we are adequately recovering the costs for water distribution, wastewater collection and processing, as well as for the exceptional suite of refuse services that our residential customers enjoy.

Our individual class rates for utility customers are further designed in such a way as to promote our community goals of water affordability and resource conservancy