Vision Zero External Stakeholder Group


In July 2019, the Arlington County Board resolved to adopt a Vision Zero strategy as a comprehensive and holistic approach to eliminating traffic fatalities and serious injuries in the County. In October 2019, Arlington formed the Vision Zero External Stakeholders Group by bringing together representatives from existing committees, commissions and community organizations identified by the Vision Zero Interdepartmental Stakeholder Group. The External Stakeholders Group met bimonthly through the development of the County's first Vision Zero 5-Year Action Plan

Since the adoption of the Action Plan, the mission of the External Stakeholders Group is to steer and support the County’s Vision Zero program through the following activities:

  • Extending the importance of safety culture and commitment to the public through assisting with education and engagement programs.
  • Helping guide public outreach, messaging, and strategies related to Vision Zero.
  • Providing insight, feedback, and local knowledge on safety issues to the County’s Vision Zero team.
  • Participating in an annual meeting with County staff.
  • Supporting the upcoming Vision Zero Action Plan update in 2024/2025.

Action Planning Meeting Materials  

The ESG met every other month during the development of the Vision Zero Action Plan from October 2019 through May 2021. Meetings were open to the public but primarily structured for discussion among group members. The table below lists meeting dates, presentation materials, and notes.