High-Injury Network Corridor Safety Audits

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Vision Zero safety audits are conducted on Arlington’s High-Injury Network corridors. Our High-Injury Network (HIN) includes corridors in Arlington that have recently experienced concentrations of critical crashes. Arlington’s High Injury Network represents just 7% of over 555 miles of roadway in the County, but these corridors saw 78% of all serious or fatal crashes in 2017-2019. Staff are prioritizing audits on corridors where there are upcoming/ongoing projects (to assist in coordination on safety features in these projects) and on corridors adjacent to areas identified by equity data (income + race).

The purpose of the audits is to visit each High Injury Network corridor to identify:

  • Quick-build projects that we can implement quickly to improve safety,
  • Existing/upcoming projects occurring on the corridor and how they will help address safety, and
  • Other opportunities or needs to enhance safety for consideration for future capital projects or plans.

HIN safety audits are not intended to fix all safety needs immediately. Rather, they are a strategy for staff to identify safety needs that we can address quickly and safety needs that we can begin to plan to address on a larger scale.

Upcoming HIN Safety Audits

Below is the tentative timeline for safety audits of the 2023 High-Injury Network. The schedule order takes into consideration: crash severity, upcoming/ongoing site development, upcoming/ongoing capital projects, recently implemented projects, and coordination with nearby plans or studies:

HIN Timeline.JPG


HIN Safety Audit Documentation

Review the safety audits we've conducted so far using the links below. We will provide updates on each corridor as we implement the recommendations from the audit.

N Lynn St from N Meade St to Key Bridge

  • Walk Conducted Summer 2023
  • Initial Safety Audit Summary Coming Soon 


S Glebe Rd from 24th St S to Route 1/Richmond Hwy


N Carlin Springs Rd from N Glebe Rd to N Edison St


Four Mile Run from Shirlington Road to Walter Reed Drive


Four Mile Run from Columbia Pike to Walter Reed Drive


Glebe Road from 14th Street N to Columbia Pike


Fairfax Drive from Glebe Road to Kirkwood Road / 10th Street N from Kirkwood Road to Arlington Blvd


Walter Reed Drive from Four Mile Run Drive to 9th Street S.