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Annual Safety Feedback Engagement

As proposed in Arlington's Vision Zero Action Plan for transportation safety, the County hosts an annual an Annual Safety Feedback Form to help us track how the Vision Zero initiative is changing transportation safety in Arlington and learn about community needs. 

2023 Annual Safety Feedback Summary

In April 2023, the project team held a month-long engagement opportunity to hear more from you about your experiences. We reached over 1,050 people who travel in Arlington and summarized the feedback we received below.

Read the short summary(PDF, 530KB)

(PDF, 530KB)See the full report(PDF, 3MB)


2022 Annual Safety Feedback Summary

In spring of 2022, the project team held a month-long engagement opportunity to hear more from you about your experiences. We reached over 900 people who travel in Arlington and summarized the feedback we received below.


How to Report your Safety Concerns

To report a potential safety issue, please use the County’s Request for Service portal. The portal will first request the location of the issue. Then, select “Transportation/Safety Investigation” as the type of issue and add comments or photos to provide details about the issue.  

Arlington staff have translation resources, so please report problems in any language.  

Thank you for being an advocate for safety in Arlington!  


Critical Crash Mitigation Campaign

Arlington County first launched the Critical Crash Mitigation Campaign in 2022 and relaunched the campaign in 2023. The campaign is focused on changing human behaviors that are commonly involved in transportation crashes that result in severe or fatal injuries. The Vision Zero team used critical crash data to identify the following five themes to educate drivers about these key safety issues: 

Campaign messaging is shared in County listserv emails, on social media, through local advertisements, and on posters throughout the community.

The 2023 relaunch includes expansion of the campaign to include an in-street element that targets people walking and biking. The in-street materials include messaging about safety tools to create awareness of (1) what they are and (2) why they are effective in enhancing safety. By increasing awareness about safety infrastructure, we will increase awareness about safe transportation practices. This tools-focused campaign component will start by educating roadway users about four types of tools identified in the Vision Zero Multimodal Engineering Safety Toolbox:

  • Curb modifications (i.e., bump outs)
  • Pedestrian crossings with leading pedestrian intervals (LPIs) and 'No Turn on Red' signs 
  • Rectangular rapid-flashing beacons (RRFBs) at crosswalks
  • Bike boxes / two-stage bike turn boxes


Vision Zero Annual Open House

Recap: Vision Zero Year 2 Open House

DES hosted the Annual Vision Zero Open House on Wednesday, April 26 from 4-7pm at the Arlington Mill Community Center. If you weren't able to make it, please take a look at the meeting materials in English(PDF, 6MB) or Spanish(PDF, 10MB).  

Staff across several departments and bureaus offered updates to the community on the Vision Zero program including: Year 2 progress (as detailed in the 2022 Annual Vision Zero Report), before/after safety studies that reviewed how past safety projects have impacted crash rates, and the newly released transportation safety equity analysisWe also gathered feedback on the initiative and input on additional safety needs as we enter Year 3 of our Vision Zero program.

Recap: Vision Zero Year 1 Open House

We hosted the Year 1 Vision Zero Open House on Wednesday, May 11, 2022, at Lubber Run Community Center where we discussed activities and progress during Year 1 of Arlington’s Vision Zero program. If you weren't able to make it, please take a look at the meeting materials in English or Spanish.  

Vision Zero Mid-Year Check-In

FY2022 Mid-Year Report & Meeting

The Year 2 mid-year virtual meeting of the Vision Zero External Stakeholder Group took place on Tuesday, December 06, 2022, from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM. Arlington County staff presented highlights from the Vision Zero Year 2 Mid-Year Report and discussed upcoming activities and initiatives. Then, representatives from the External Stakeholder Groups and members of the community provided input on the status of the Vision Zero program and future needs to help achieve our goal of zero transportation severe or fatal injuries. 

View the Year 2 Mid-Year Meeting Slides(PDF, 5MB)

Watch the meeting recording

View the Year 2 Mid-Year Meeting Minutes(PDF, 203KB)

View the Year 2 Mid-Year Report: English(PDF, 4MB)  | Spanish(PDF, 4MB)


FY2021 Mid-Year Report & Meeting

On December 14, 2021, we hosted our first mid-year virtual meeting of the Vision Zero External Stakeholders Group (VZESG), which was open to public participation. See below for links to the mid-year program report, meeting notes, and a link to the meeting recording.

Review the FY2021 Mid-Year Report 
Leer el informe de medio año fiscal 2021


Vision Zero Action Plan Engagement Summary

Thank you for your input as we developed the Vision Zero Action Plan. Your insights and experiences shaped the actions and next steps in the Action Plan that will make Arlington County a safer place to travel.

The final draft of the first five-year Vision Zero Action Plan was approved by the County Board on May 15, 2021.

View the Final Draft Action Plan

Engagement with the community will continue as we implement the Action Plan. Stay involved by signing up for program updates in the right hand panel of this page!

Public Engagement Checkpoint #3: Review the Draft Action Plan & Share your Thoughts!

The third and final public engagement checkpoint during the development of the Vision Zero Action Plan focused on sharing the Draft Vision Zero Action Plan that we developed using the community and stakeholder feedback gathered in checkpoints one and two. The online engagement form was open from Feb. 1 through Feb. 28, 2021. For those who were not able to engage online, we set up a kiosk at the Central Library pick-up location to provide a mail-in option.

A summary of the feedback we received is available here. We are very thankful for your help in developing this draft and are grateful for your input!

Community Forum was also held virtually on Thursday, Feb. 11The project team shared an overview of the action plan, highlighted how community input helped shape the document, and answered any questions asked about the action plan.

  • View a recording of the virtual community forum on YouTube
  • Slides from the short Q&A presentation summarizing the draft Action Plan are available below

Public Engagement Checkpoint #2: Learning from Your Experiences

Our second public engagement checkpoint for the Vision Zero Action Plan concluded on October 30, 2020. This conversation focused on learning from your experiences. Staff have reviewed the feedback we received, and put together this summary.

Engagement Summary – Checkpoint #2

County staff have also completed analysis of crash reports, and we learned a lot about where and how collisions occur.

See What We Learned

We collected feedback in the second public engagement checkpoint:

  • Online Feedback Form
    • The online feedback form allowed people to tell us about their experiences when walking, biking, rolling, or driving in Arlington. The form included an interactive map, where users marked the location of transportation safety issues that you have noticed or experienced first-hand.
  • Dial-In Comment Line
    • We accepted comments on your transportation safety experiences by phone as well. Phone prompts were available in English and Spanish, and the feedback was included with the online form feedback for review.
  • Virtual Public Meetings
    • We hosted two public engagement meetings for you to learn more, ask questions about our crash analysis work, and help build our shared knowledge about transportation safety.
      • En Español: 30 Septiembre de 2020 alas 7 de la tarde


  • In English: Oct. 1, 2020 at 7pm 


Engagement Checkpoint #1 – Your Transportation Safety Goals and Priorities

The County hosted its first public open house for the Vision Zero Program on January 28, 2020 at Washington-Liberty High School. County staff members from DES, CPHD, DPR, OEM, DHS, and ACPD attended the meeting, along with Arlington Transportation Partners and Arlington Public Schools. More than 65 members of the public attended the meeting and participated in both informative and interactive activities targeted at understanding the community’s goals and priorities with regard to safe transportation. Here’s a summary of what we learned:

You can find the information shared at the open house below:

Este información también está disponible en español.

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