Traffic Signs

To report broken or missing safety traffic signs, such as stop signs, yield signs, one way or wrong way signs, etc., call non-emergency police at 703-558-2222Traffic Signs

Report a Broken or Missing Traffic Sign

The Traffic Signs Program fabricates, installs, maintains and removes all traffic and parking signs in the County right of way. This makes for safe and orderly streets, biking/hiking trails, parking areas and walkways.

  • Regulatory signs have a white background and communicate information like parking and traffic restrictions.
  • Warning signs have a yellow background and advice of upcoming occurrences in the roadway that are unexpected, such as pedestrian crossings or sharp curves.

To request the installation of a new traffic or parking sign, call 703-228-6570.

Capital Project Signs

Large blue signs located at construction projects funded under the Capital Improvements Program are fabricated and installed by the Traffic Signs Program. These signs communicate what type of project is occurring, the estimated completion date of the project and contact information for questions regarding the project.

Wayfinding Signs

Wayfinding, or directional, signs help bicyclists and pedestrians more easily navigate Arlington’s 100 miles of multiuse trails, on-street bike lines and designated bike routes, and its commercial districts. The Traffic Signs Program also assists with the installation of wayfinding signs.