Street Maintenance Conditions Map

Arlington County Pavement Conditions

This Street Maintenance Conditions Map contains Pavement Condition data for roads maintained by and within Arlington County. This data is collected by Arlington County’s Water, Sewer, Streets Bureau then visualized by Arlington County’s GIS Bureau.

The roads are rated using the national standard Pavement Condition Index (PCI) set forth by the United States Army of Engineers, which calculates road conditions using a 1 to 100 scale. The roads are given a description of Excellent, Good, Fair and Poor.

For more details on how Arlington County maintains its streets year-round, visit our Street Maintenance website.

The grading system is based on a street’s ride quality, cracking, potholes and more.


  • Blue – Excellent (91-100)
  • Green – Good (71-90)
  • Yellow – Fair (61-70)
  • Pink – Poor (under 60)

Paving Conditions Map

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Paving Program

Arlington County maintains and manages more than 974 lane miles of paved streets to ensure the safe and efficient movement of people, goods and services. Street paving conditions are regularly assessed by a specialized contractor that generates the Pavement Condition Index for every block evaluated, using the national standards.

Based on the scale, the County generates a priority-based needs system for resurfacing and develops an annual paving schedule with this data.


Since FY 2011, our paving program has received increased funding after nearly a decade of cuts. With the additional funding, the County has been able to pave approximately 50 miles per year between 2012 and 2013 resulting in a modest uptick in overall PCI. In FY 2015, the adopted funding shows increases to achieve a marked improvement in overall pavement conditions over the next 10 years. These amounts allow paving of approximately 72 miles per year.

For more information about funding, visit the Adopted Capital Improvement Plan for Paving.

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